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Water "Etrusca" Still, Glass, 250 ml

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Tasting Notes


The water is crystal clear transparent color.


Unusually light water, characterized by an extremely low salt content and well-balanced and velvety taste.


Pleasant aroma.


Water ideally combined with gourmet food and the best wines, not interrupting, and revealing all their properties.

Interesting Facts

Etrusca - natural mineral water ultra-premium. Surrounded by beech, oak and chestnut forests on the border of Liguria and Piedmont, is one of the most beautiful villages in the world - Calizzano. This is where the water flows, famous for its high purity and ease. Does this pure water from a natural source located in the Maritime Alps in northern Italy at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.
The healing properties of water Etrusca known since ancient times. Locals and travelers valley the century before last drank water directly from the spring, it was believed that the water is very helpful for the stomach. The first scientific studies conducted by scientists of the University of Genoa in 1908-1913, respectively, confirmed the high purity water and admitted that she belongs to the class of the best Italian waters.

In 1957, as a result of detailed studies Medical Institute of the University of Genoa, was marked by a pronounced therapeutic effect of water in people with kidney disease, and recommendations on the use of water for treatment. After years of testing in health care facilities in 2007 was recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health for infants (direct use and preparation of food).

Unlike many other mineral water Etrusca - water from a natural source in nature, spring, not from an artesian well. With its bottling not used pumps or tanks for long-term storage of water or filtering. Thus, the water is not exposed to the outside, keeping the exceptional natural qualities. Etrusca - an official partner of World Class, Louis Vuitton, Trophy.

Composition and Properties
Temperature at the source - 7,4 ° C
The pH at the source - 7.0
Dry the precipitate at 180 ° C - 39,6 mg / l

Mineralization (mg / l)
Bicarbonates - 16.00
Silicon - 10.60
Sulfates - 4.60
Calcium - 4.70
Chlorides - 4.00
Sodium - 3.80
Magnesium - 0.98


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