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El Senorio Reposado Extra, Mezcal, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Has a dark golden color with a nice touch of honey.


El Senor Reposado Extra has a delicious, perfectly balanced taste, in which the foreground sound baked agave notes and tropical fruits, and pleasant aftertaste reveals nuances of toasted oak.


Soft fragrance enchants light fruity flavor with faint hints of smoke.


Mezcal Reposado El Senor Extra best consumed as aged brandy, savoring every sip. He is very good both in pure form or in cocktails. However, if you want to enjoy all the shades of excellent taste and flavor of El Senor Reposado Extra, do not in any way do not chill it and drink from glasses tulip shape, warming warmth of his hand.

Interesting Facts

It is believed that the first mezcal was created in 1521, when the Spanish conquistadors brought to the New World, European technology sublimation alcohol. The raw materials for its production Spaniards used pulque - a drink made from agave fortress 4-8 degrees, which was considered the Aztec drink of the gods, and drink it only allowed priests during religious ceremonies. However, the Aztec gods were not afraid of the Spaniards, so in 1600, Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle, founded the first factory that pulque became distilled in the industrial scale, resulting in mezcal in Mexico began to get more and more popular.
Currently, as a raw material used for mescal agave juice that is extracted almost as well as hundreds of years ago. Fruits of the agave is cooked in a charcoal kilns in conical shape, covered with layers of palm fibers and earth. Because of this juice, and then acquires a smoky mezcal shade in taste and aroma. Fermentation juice, unlike tequila lasts 5-7 days, and only 3 days, after which it is distilled twice. Prior to 1990, mezcal can be found only in Mexico, but today he is known throughout the world.
Mezcal Reposado El Senor Extra - exquisite drink premium standing by their taste characteristics on a par with tequila Anejo. Made from ripe fruit green agave, he spent 10-12 months aged in barrels of American white oak, and then blended with pure glacier water, which gives her a unique softness. The special charm of El Senor Reposado Extra give fruit and smoky shades that you will be able to evaluate, really try this extra - ordinary mezcal.


  • Strength: 38%
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