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Tequila "El Reformador" Gold, 0.75 L

$ 28
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Tasting Notes


Tequila gold.


tequila taste bright, hot, with a soft texture and exquisite balance, tones agave, tropical fruits and spices, warm, warming finish.


The aroma of tequila sweet and spicy, with hints of black pepper and pineapple.


Tequila is gorgeous in its pure form during or after a meal, accompanied by slices of lime and pinch of salt.

Interesting Facts

The name tequila line "Agavales" in Spanish means "the land on which the agave is grown" and indicates the origin of the highest quality agave. Attributes tequila "Agavales" line are history, old traditions and romance as the quality of the care of agave. Agave, used in the production of tequila is grown in two locations - in the highlands and the plains. This mix creates a very balanced, surprisingly tasty drink with a light sweetness in the taste and aroma.

"Agavales" Gold is made ​​from the blue agave, which is grown at least 8 years. Manufacture is agave baking oven in a traditional brick and subsequently distilled in a double distillation column of steel. This manufacturing method makes it possible to obtain a very attractive agave flavor and a smooth, flavorful taste with warm finish. Then, gold tequila is aged at least six months before bottling.
In 2010, the tequila "Agavales" Gold won a silver medal at the competition "San Francisco World Spirits".

The company "Casa Maestri" (Destiladora del Valle de Tequila), located in the heart of Mexico, in the center of the state of Jalisco. This company was established married couple - Michael and Celia Maestri. Being natives of different countries - Mexico and the United States - and pupils of different cultures, however, they were very similar: both parents' family dedicated his life to the creation of alcoholic beverages. In 1951, the family Celia emigrated from the small town of Michoacan, to create its own distillery "Licores Veracruz Liquor Distillery" in Córdoba (Veracruz). Michael's family in 1976 and was forced to change their place of residence. They left Hawaii to create the San Jose (California) "FrankLin Distillers Ltd".
Not surprisingly, after the wedding at the Vatican, Michael and Celia were elated one dream - to create their own factory to produce high quality and competitive alcohol. In 2008, the couple moved from Houston to Jalisco, where they created the "Casa Maestri", to realize his dream into reality. Their efforts were crowned with success - tequila, made by the company, has won many medals at international competitions, and is worthy of the title of one of the best in the region of Jalisco.

Producer's description

Company Tequilera La Quemada, founded in 1996, is located in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Very quickly, the manufacturer has taken a prominent place among the alcohol companies and today is proud of its founders. In Mexico, people honors tradition and production of tequila is no exception. The drink does not add any preservatives and dyes, creating a unique and mild taste from natural alcohol obtained from selected fruits of the blue agave. Special drink of status attached to the bottle, which is hand-blown glass blowers best, especially for tequila "Cia Tequlera La Quemada". The company is interested in the fact that they became an example of tequila in the world market of alcoholic beverages.


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In our store you can buy tequila "El Reformador" Gold, 0.75 L, price "El Reformador" Gold, 0.75 L — $ 28. Producer tequila Tequilera La Quemada. Delivery "El Reformador" Gold, 0.75 L.

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