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Tequila "Don Fernando" Anejo, 0.75 L

$ 50
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Tasting Notes


Rich dark amber color with a golden hue.


Tequila Añejo Don Fernando thanks to the double distillation has a very soft and smooth taste, which sounds distinctly sweetish notes agave diluted slight bitterness, which is acquired in the process of aging. Aftertaste sounds tones of oak.


Aroma sounds sweetish notes of agave and fresh oak.


Sustained tequila Don Fernando Anejo true connoisseurs drink as well as a good cognac, savoring every mouthful. Serve it should be in a pure form at room temperature, all in the same cognac glasses. This will allow fully enjoy all the flavors and aromas of this excellent Mexican drink.

Interesting Facts

Tequila Don Fernando - it's not mass production, and a great drink, created almost entirely by manual labor. It is made from the blue agave grown in the region of El Arenal, and before you can enjoy its excellent taste, tequila goes 8 stages of production using traditional techniques that have been formed for centuries. When rich fruits mature agave sugar delivered to a small plant in the city of Tequila, they are cut into pieces and placed in a stone oven, where languishing at 60-85 C. Then agave cooled and manually using millstones squeezed out of her sweet juice. Fermentation occurs naturally and lasts 7-12 days, after which the fermented juice is subjected to double distillation to obtain high-quality tequila fortress 55 degrees.
But if we talk about Tequila Añejo Don Fernando, then this does not end its manufacturer. First, it is blended with the purest water of mountain glaciers to reach the standard of the fortress of 38 degrees, and then aged in French oak barrels, and so is particularly soft and complex bouquet of taste and aroma. In 2007 at the International Exhibition Food Expo in Moscow Tequila Añejo Don Fernando for their high quality has been awarded "Star Food Expo", and today has a place in the top ten brands that manufacture sustained tequila Anejo.


  • Strength: 38%
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In our store you can buy tequila "Don Fernando" Anejo, 0.75 L, price "Don Fernando" Anejo, 0.75 L — $ 50. Producer tequila Tequilera de La Barranca de Amatitan S.A de C.V. . Delivery "Don Fernando" Anejo, 0.75 L.

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