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Wine Domaine des Roches Neuves, "Les Roches" Saumur Champigny AOC, 2016

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Tasting Notes


Expressive wine, ruby-red color with purple reflections and cherry.


Deep, powerful, complex and, at the same time, fine wine has good acidity, concentration and tannins, juicy notes of dark and red berries. Charming aftertaste medium length plays nuances of bergamot and jasmine.


Fresh, clean, elegant aroma of the wine shows elegant notes of red berries, supplemented by the fragrance of flowers and hints of spices.


The wine will be an excellent pair of red meat, croissants with smoked turkey, pancakes with minced meat, venison, green olives, cheese Cheddar.

Interesting Facts

For the production of a very elegant and at the same time, powerful red wine Domaine des Roches Neuves, Saumur Champigny, 2012 used grapes Cabernet Franc. It is grown biodynamic methods on alluvial soils appellasona Saumur Champigny, rich with limestone, silica, sand and clay. In the vineyards, only natural organic fertilizers, with yields of vines - low and amounts to 30 hl / ha. The average age of the vines - 25 years. Pruning vines at low levels and promotes healthy quality crop, which later serves as raw material to create fresh, clean and rich wine with expressive varietal characteristics and long-term development potential. Harvest by hand. Grapes from each plot is vinified separately, aging in tanks lasts at least 7 months.

Appellason Saumur Champigny is located on the left bank of the river Loire, between Angers and Tours. In addition to the vineyards, this historic region famous for its medieval castles and cathedrals built of limestone. The most famous and prestigious terroir of Saumur Champigny is located in the province of Varrains, in the south-eastern part of Saumur. This is where the production is based Domain des Roches Neuve.

Producer's description

"We have to re-learn how to cultivate and observe, to listen to each section of the vineyard, each of which is unique ... Wine is not created chemistry, and plant ..." - Thierry Germain.

Winery Domaine des Roches Neuves, established in 1850, is located in the Loire Valley, in appellasone Saumur Champigny. In 1991, the famous "Elite" winemaker Thierry Germain moved to this part of France and began to cooperate with the domain. Excellent balance between terroir, climate and grape varieties attracted the attention Germain at first sight. In 2005, the Domaine des Roches Neuves one of the first farms in the Loire Valley received biodynamic certification. Domain vineyard area is 22 hectares, they are divided into 35 sections. Each plot is processed separately. The farm produces its own compost, the use of sulfur is reduced to a minimum, and grapes in the old gags feet. To date, "enthusiastic, goal-oriented" Thierry Germain helped 11 farmers to switch to biodynamic or organic production.


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