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Wine Domaine des Baumard, "Clos Saint Yves", Savennieres AOC, 2007

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Tasting Notes


Wine pale golden color with a greenish tint.


Rounded, full-bodied wine with a rich, soft, gentle, refreshing taste, woven shades of acacia flowers, pear and tropical fruit. The wine has a long finish with an expressive, pleasant acidity.


Sophisticated, open, delicate and quite expressive aroma of the wine reveals creamy nuances and delicate notes of flowers and honey.


Wine perfectly combined with white meat, seafood, fish sauce, cheese and oysters.

Interesting Facts

"Clos Saint Yves" - rounded wine with a delicate bouquet of aromatic and delicate, refreshing taste, created from grapes Chenin Blanc. Production areas in which grapes are grown, located in appellasone Savenner (Loire Valley). After manual harvesting, berries carefully stacked in special plastic crates and sent to the winery, where carefully selected and are processed by a pneumatic press. Fermentation takes place under strictly controlled temperature conditions. Oak barrels in the process of wine making are used. Poured "Clos Saint Yve" on the territory of the Domain de Bomar. Wine is recommended to use in the period from 2012 until 2022.

Domaine des Baumard located in the heart of the Loire Valley, 20 km from the capital of Anjou, near the village of Rochefort sur ​​Loire, overlooking the lovely scenery. The streets of the old abbey lead to the manor, built in the middle of XVII century (1634). The estate and vineyards were transferred to the family from generation to generation, but for many years to combat phylloxera did not allow the estate to develop rapidly. It was not until 1955, before the arrival of Jean Bomar, who created the image of the winery as we see it today. Bachelor of Science, enologist, who studied in Dijon and Bordeaux, he began to expand through acquisitions vineyards surrounding the prestigious titles of Anjou. In 1957, he bought more than 5 hectares of land, and in 1968 joined their lands another 15 hectares. He became the first winemaker in Anjou, whose possessions were on both sides of the river Loire.
Bomar son Jean - Florent - continued the work of his father, taking the baton from him in 1990, when he became the owner of 40 hectares of land. Back in 1987, after studying abroad, Florent returned to France to work with his father. Differing philosophical approach to life, refinement, precision and excellent technical education, he was able to learn how to create diverse, interesting wines, as efficiently as possible by taking advantage of the terroir.

Today, Domaine de Bomar is all the same old manor house, the gate of which are extensive cellars, tasting room and partially preserved frescoes of the XVIII century. If we talk about tradition and technology, it should be noted way of planting vines used domain for the past 30 years: a distance of 3 meters between rows of vines, 0.8 m - between neighboring vines, plowed soil between rows, sown with grass - this is the most appropriate the option of using the land. Crop harvested by hand in order to minimize possible damage. In the cellars of the berries are processed under gentle pressure; fermentation is generally carried out at a controlled temperature, sometimes with steel tanks. Although in most cases, the vinification Florent still prefer wooden barrels. When it comes to the question of the malolactic fermentation, Florent always answers contradictory - it does not encourage it, but that does not mean that we should completely abandon it because sometimes this process is necessary.


  • Color depth: pale
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 10-12°C
  • Website:
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In our store you can buy wine Domaine des Baumard, "Clos Saint Yves", Savennieres AOC, 2007, price Domaine des Baumard, "Clos Saint Yves", Savennieres AOC, 2007 — $ 13. Producer wine Domaine des Baumard. Delivery Domaine des Baumard, "Clos Saint Yves", Savennieres AOC, 2007.

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