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Wine Domaine Marcel Deiss, Riesling "Vendanges Tardives", 2009

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Tasting Notes


Wine golden-yellow color.


On the palate the wine abundance of fresh mineral notes, combined with the richness and honey tones of lime, apple, peach, candied fruit. The finish is long and plentiful.


The aroma of wine is full of citrus shades and nuances of tropical fruits.


The wine goes well with poultry with truffles, veal in lemon marmalade, mussels.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Riesling Vendanges Tardives" made ​​from late harvested grapes - fruit left on the vine "withered" in the sun, with their juice becomes more concentrated and sweet. Harvest is usually in mid-October. In 1983 a law was passed, designed to clarify the status of Alsace wines labeled "Vendanges Tardives". By law, the wine must be from grapes one year of collection and one of the permitted varieties - Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Muscat.

Sugar level for Riesling by law must be at least 220 grams per liter. Wine should not be enriched. The grapes are allowed to collect only after a certain date, determined annually by the authorities. Winegrower must notify INAO 8 days before the expected date of collection that is going to make wine "Vendange Tardive". After the statement, vineyard visits representative supervisory committee and measure the amount of sugar and the amount of the crop. 6 months after bottling wine tasting passes official. Botritizatsiya not allowed. 18 months after exposure, wine tastings and analyzed, and only after that can be put up for sale. "Riesling Vendanges Tardives" produced in a limited quantity. Riesling - not the most popular grape for "Vendanges Tardives", because in order to berries of this variety received the required amount of sugar by law, have to wait until mid-November.


The first winegrowers family Dice settled in Alsace in the town of Bergheim in 1744. After World War II, in 1947, founded the winery Marcel Deiss "Domain Marcel Deiss." His grandson - Jean-Michel - to adequately continue the work of his grandfather, he graduated from the school of winemaking and for 25 years manages ancestral estate. During this time he was recognized as one of the most famous producers of white wine in the world. Agriculture Deiss has 27 hectares of vineyards located in 9 municipalities. Jean-Michel has introduced organic methods of caring for vines, and in 1997 moved to biodynamic. Dice grows a variety of varieties - Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and many others. However, the feature is that Jean-Michel does not share them, and often vinified together. As a result of such an experiment are born charming white wines certain unique character. Project Jean-Michel Deiss is perceived by many of his neighbors as a radical and even revolutionary. In fact, the goal is to return to the Dies methods, styles and traditions that have made the wines of Alsace, famous since the Middle Ages until the end of the XIX century. Some vines planted vineyards Dies tight enough - from 8 to 12 thousand per hectare, but treated so as to reduce the number of clusters. As a result, the average income is only 40 hectoliters per hectare, and the vineyards of large cru - 25-30, which is half the average yield in Alsace. Grapes were collected two weeks and gently pressed for 24 hours. When vinification only natural yeast fermentation begins naturally at low temperatures and lasts four to six weeks. Light wines are vinified in stainless steel tanks, more powerful - in large wooden barrels. After alcoholic fermentation, malolactic fermentation is not used, the wines are aged on the lees for six to eight months. Due to the low yield, cautious and careful treatment of wine Dice have a wonderful fresh, intense flavor and perfectly balanced taste. Range of wines presented "domain Marcel Deiss," includes the most stunning examples of perfectly reflecting the nuances of terroir and faithful to its roots.


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