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Beer Der Hirschbrau, "Doppel-Hirsch", 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer dark amber-red color.


Beer has a well-balanced taste with notes of dark fruit, notes of malt and caramel. In a warming spicy aftertaste left notes of hops, malt and a slight bitterness.


Fragrant bouquet of beer filled with tones of caramel, dark fruit and malt.


Beer well as a digestif, goes well with a cigar, vegetable snacks.

Interesting Facts

"Doppel-Hirsch" - noble dark strong beer. Style "double-side" came up with an Italian monk who lived in Bavaria in the XVII century. It was used in the winter and early spring as a warming drink. Today Doppelbock - perhaps the most "powerful" in the German brewing. The initial density of the wort, controlled by legislation, is 18-28%. Fortress final product - not below 7%. In the manufacture of "Doppel-Hirsch" is used at least 75% of dark roasted malt. With a rich velvety taste, beer is a great festive drink.

In 2002, the beer "Doppel-Hirsch" won a bronze medal at the world championship of beer in the United States.

Private Brewery Der Hirschbrau ("Deer") was built in 1861 by Herman Hossa in place of old reindeer farm of the XVII century, which in 1859 bought Josef Hoss. At the end of World War II, the brewery was destroyed by Soviet bombers, but the family has built up Hoss it again. In 1972, the brewery has expanded its possessions, not only erecting new warehouses for storage of products, but also a hotel and a beer garden. A little later, were put into operation a fully automated brewhouse, bottling line and a new beer cellar, where brewers established 32 fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

Today Hirshbroy family brewery produces a wide range of products, which are often produced on a small scale, but always - high quality! At the heart of the production are old recipes, family and regional (Alpine) tradition of making beer, love for his work and deliberation, by which beer brand "Hirshbroy" long enough is aged in barrels, which is a rarity in today's brewing.


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