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Brandy "Condor" Napoleon VSOP, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Brandy has a pleasant light amber color with golden highlights.


Sensual, rounded taste of the drink is revealed rich juicy tones inherent sustain brandy, and leaves a long delicious aftertaste.


In an elegant bouquet of elegant aromas of grape brandy collected and other ripe fruit, harmoniously complemented by hints of precious wood.


Brandy can be considered a drink for all occasions. It is often used in the preparation of cocktails, but to fully enjoy the advantages of brandy, it is recommended to use in its pure form as a digestif, and in tandem with a cigar and a good fresh coffee.

Interesting Facts

Mark Brend "Condor" was created cognac house AE Dor in 1912 with a focus on the North American market and immediately take its rightful place among the best drinks in its category. Today, as 100 years ago, for the production of this wine brands use of the most famous wine regions of France. "Condor" Napoleon VSOP is a product assemblyazha high spirits aged not less than 5 years in oak barrels, far exceeding the minimum allowable period of exposure. Due to prolonged contact with wood, brandy acquires elegant qualities characteristic of noble beverages, and can surely compete with similar products of famous brands.

In 1858, a young bank clerk, comes from a family of winemakers Charentais, Amadeus Edward Dore decided to leave the job in the financial sector and engage in the implementation of its cherished dream - the creation of its own cognac house AE Dor. As a great admirer of fine drink, Amadeus Edward created brandy, to meet his exacting taste and strangers like many fans. Catching the production of cognac, Dor prudently increased stocks of aged spirits, and with the beginning of the epidemic of phylloxera in Europe in 1874, he became purposefully buy cognac spirits mainly from the famous Grande Champagne region, believing that over time they will become more valuable. These alcohols decades aged in barrels of Limousin oak, and, as they mature, poured into glass bottles and sealed with wax, and each had a capacity label is the date bookmark alcohol. All this "wealth" are stored in special cellars, called Paradis (Paradise).

It is believed that to date in these cellars, lead by Jacques Rivière - descendant and the present owner of the cognac house, contains the world's largest stock of old cognacs, dating from the beginning of the XIX century. Being a part of the image of cognac house AE Dor, they carefully preserved and occasionally sold at auction. House AE Dor, one of the three best producers of cognac in the world, is known not only for its magnificent collection of aged cognacs, but also a large assortment of high quality products manufactured for a wide range of consumers.


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