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Vermouth "Cinzano" Rosso, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


Vermouth dark red color.


Vermouth has a distinct, delicious citrus flavor with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.


Cinzano Rosso Vermouth has a delicious sweet aroma with notes of spices, flowers, herbs and fruits.


Vermouth Rosso recommended served chilled, it is beautiful in its pure form with ice. Rosso also blends perfectly with apple juice and cinnamon, or one of the favorite drinks: lemonade, juice, soda, this is beautiful in vermouth cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Cinzano Rosso - a classic red vermouth, which is the ancestor of vermouth. Russia is the basis of Trebbiano wine varieties from the Italian province of Ravenna and the combination of various herbs and spices. Cinzano Vermouth first appeared in 1757 in Turin, when the brothers Carlo Stefano Cinzano and Giovanni Giacomo created recipe red vermouth "Russia", consisting of herbs growing in the Alps. Cinzano Rosso became known worldwide as "The Turin vermouth" and was very popular among the bourgeoisie. But the idea of ​​creating such a beverage was born over 2,000 years ago, when the famous Greek physician Hippocrates noted that vintage wine from Crete mixed with herbs and flowers acquires healing properties. Cinzano Rosso winner of "Best Spirit of 2001" Award and the International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal.

Producer's description

With their aromatic wines, which are so popular in Italy, the Cinzano family became famous already in the 16th century. The company, which was created by the brothers Giovanni Giacomo and Carolo Stegano Cinzano in 1757, began its journey with the production of vermouth. The brothers became the best graduates of the Turin University of Confectionery and Distillery, for which they received a license for masters of winemaking. They opened a small wine shop and called it "The workshop of life-giving elixirs". Bold experimenters, the Cinzano brothers created a huge number of recipes, one of which, the most popular, was called Vermouth. In 1786, the Cinzano company received the status of official supplier to the royal court of Savoy. Somewhat later, having appreciated the high reputation of the company, as well as the quality of the wines produced and the ingenuity of the owners, the royal persons of the Savoy house instructed the company to create a wine that could successfully compete with French sparkling wines. This is how the second direction of the winery began to develop - the production of sparkling wines.

Each subsequent generation actively developed the company, improved recipes, mastered new vineyards not only in Italy, but also in other countries. So, at the beginning of the 20th century, Cinzano branches were opened in France and Argentina. In the 70s of the XX century, real fame came to Cinzano, deliveries of this world-favorite brand began to be carried out in 50 countries of the world. In 1992, the Cinzano brand was bought out by the IDV Group, one of the world's largest holdings in the alcohol market. Unfortunately, under the leadership of "IDV Group" Cinzano is gradually losing its leading position. In 1999, Cinzano acquires the Campari Group, which begins an active campaign to regain the lost positions of the world famous brand, and since 2004 Cinzano has been confidently included in the Top 100 World Trademarks.


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