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Sparkling wine Cinzano, Asti Spumante DOCG, gift box with stopper

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Tasting Notes


Wine brilliant light golden color.


The taste of wine is sweet, fragrant, delicate and persistent, with hints of honey and ripe peach, pear, fragrant herbs.


Very nice, rich flavor of the wine reveals hints of acacia blossoms, shades of sage, peach, melon, vanilla, flowers.


The wine is perfect as an aperitif, in combination with desserts, cakes of sweet dough, biscuits, cookies.

Interesting Facts

Cinzano, Asti Spumante - a delicious, sweet white sparkling wine that captures the exquisite fragrant bouquet, soft texture with delicate bubbles and amazing taste in which the sweetness perfectly balanced with refreshing acidity. This wine is worthy to become a real festive table decoration! Cinzano, Asti Spumante is created from Muscat grapes Bianco grown in the region of Asti, in the hills of the Langhe and del'Astidzhano. Grapes are harvested at full maturity degree. Vinification is done by the method of Sharma.

Its fragrant wines that are so popular in Italy, the family Cinzano already famous in the XVI century. The company, which was created by the brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Carol Stegall Cinzano in 1757, began its journey with the production of vermouth. The brothers were the best graduates of the University of Turin confectionery and distillery production, for which he received a masters license winemaking. They opened a small wine shop and called it "life-giving elixirs Workshop". Bold experimenters, Cinzano brothers created a huge number of recipes, one of which, the most popular, was named vermouth. In 1786 the company "Cinzano" became the official supplier of the royal court of Savoy. Somewhat later, considering the high reputation of the company, as well as the quality of the wines and the ingenuity of the owners, monarchs of the House of Savoy commissioned the creation of wine, which could successfully compete with French sparkling wines. So began to develop the second direction of the winery - the production of sparkling wines.

Each successive generation of actively developing companies, improved recipes, learn new vineyards not only in Italy but also in other countries. So, at the beginning of the XX century were opened branch "Cinzano" in France and Argentina. In the 70-ies of XX century to the "Cinzano" real fame came, the supply of this world have become the favorite brand carried out in 50 countries. In 1992, the brand "Cinzano" buys "IDV Group" - one of the world's largest holding companies in the alcohol market. Unfortunately, under the leadership of "IDV Group" Cinzano is gradually losing its leadership position. In 1999, Cinzano gets "Campari Group", which begins an aggressive campaign for the return of the lost positions world-famous brand, and since 2004 Cinzano is surely among the top "100 global brands."


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