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Wine Castellari Bergaglio, Gavi di Gavi "Rovereto" Vigna Vecchia DOCG, 2010

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Tasting Notes


The wine is light golden color with a greenish tint.


The wine has excellent balance and soft, rounded taste, enchanting tones of ripe fruit, flowers and light shades of cinnamon. Surprisingly long finish.


Complex aroma of the wine shows ripe tones of apples, nuts, honey, bread crust and colors. The special charm of flowers give light balsamic notes.


Wine matches perfectly with grilled or baked fish, as well as pasta, risotto, seafood, veal in a white wine sauce, grilled vegetables.

Interesting Facts

Cortese for "Rovereto" grown in the vineyard "Vigna Vecchia" in Rovereto, which occupies 1.2 hectares on the southwest side of the hill. The vines are very old, some already 90 years old. Nobody knows who planted them, but my grandfather Marco Bergalo told me that they were in Rovereto before the First World War. Snowy winters and hot summers yielded a crop with a perfect balance between acidity and high sugar levels. The harvest began on September 15 and ended after 15 days. Before grapes fall into the winepress is cooled for several hours and then gently pressed. Fermentation of wine lasts for about 20 days at a controlled temperature of 18-20 ° C, thus preserving the natural flavors of the grapes. Extract of wine produced in stainless steel vats until the spring, after which "Rovereto" is bottled and 12 months has been developing in the bottles.

2010 is characterized by high-grade climate summer and winter, without the presence of the off-season. Winter of the year will long be remembered for its heavy snowfalls and two-meter drifts, and the first time since the summer of 2003 was so hot. Spring was marked by almost explosive flowering of all the vines successfully survived the winter and met new cycle healthy. However, it took considerable effort and painstaking manual labor in the collection and sorting of the harvest, which was still slightly lower than in previous years. As pointed out by winemakers, vintage 2010 is characterized by high-grade alcoholic properties.

Winery "Castellari Bergalo", founded in 1890, is located in a quiet leafy setting, Gavi, in the province of Alessandria in Piedmont. Vineyards stretch at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level in the countryside Rovereto, surrounded by oak forests. Hence the name: "rovereto" - "oak forest". For hilly landscape local farmers call this area the "high ground". Here, on the characteristic of the region reddish soils rich in clay and iron, white grape varieties are grown. These soils are ideal environment for noble varieties Cortese used for the main white wines "Castellari Bergalo." Winery run by Mario Bergalo, his wife Vanda Castellari and their son Marco, they follow well-established local tradition of winemaking, but also pay close attention to the advanced modern technology. Family controls every stage of production, from growing grapes in the vineyards to the wine-making factory. The product line consists of five wineries white wine and grappa. Wine "Castellari Bergalo" refute the widespread belief that the white wine be consumed young, arguing that, although they are quite ready to eat in just a few months after manufacture, but remain the same, and for several years after that, and the time growing only helps reveal the complex range of flavors.


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