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Виски "Bunnahabhain" aged 25 years, wooden box, 0.7

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey amber-gold color.


In the taste of whiskey present tone of sweet berries and cream, which comes to replace the notes of roasted nuts and malt. Soft, dry finish with subtle spicy notes of oak.


Whiskey has a distinct aroma with a hint of sherry. The aroma perceptible sweet caramel notes, beautifully interwoven with subtle hints of oak and leather.


Lovely afternoon drink. Whiskey is particularly good in combination with a cigar.

Interesting Facts

The brand name comes from the Gallic Bunnahaven «Boon-a-havn», ie, "Estuary" because distillery actually located on the beach. Feature whiskey Bunnahaven that in its production is used spring water, which has not passed through the peat bogs, and therefore has no taste of peat, which is inherent in many of the island whiskey. The result is a more whiskey light and soft and perfectly suited for production on the basis of its other beverages. Most of the products available for the production of Bunnahabhain whiskey "Famous Grouse" - popular brand of Scotch blended whiskey. But Bunnahaven successfully sold as a separate brand, refuting the myth of his tenderness coarse peat nature of Scottish malts.

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