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Tasting Notes


Gene crystal clear color.


The taste of gin - a soft, clean, fresh, with a pleasant warm spice, notes of coriander, ginger and cloves, juniper and nuances of orange peel.


Classic, fresh and light scent of gin presented notes of pine needles and juniper berries surrounded by light shades of spices, lime zest, orange and lemon.


Gene - a classic ingredient of various cocktails. Also it goes well with ice or tonic.

Interesting Facts

Gene "Broker's" was created by brothers Martin and Andy Dawson in the late 1990s. Historically, the only gin strong alcoholic drink, which is home to England. Therefore, for the successful marketing concept has been taken, the most accurate and unmistakable, showing the English origin of the product. Prim gentleman in a bowler hat - this is a typical stockbroker (England. "Stockbroker"), living in downtown London, in the City. Thus, the brand name - derived from "stockbroker". Each bottle of gin "Broker's" surmounted by a cover in the form of a miniature black bowler. Gene "Broker's" is distributed in the United States and in 40 countries. Gin - grain alcohol from the English wheat, the resulting four-distillation. The aroma of gin provides part of the alcoholate in ten spices (most important of which are juniper berries), dried fruits and roots, imported from three continents. After connecting the base alcohol with spicy liqueur, a blend was distilled for the fifth time.

Producer's description

The distillery, which produced gin "Broker's", located near Birmingham, it is more than 200 years. Originally, this place was a brewery, but eventually the production of strong alcohol has become more lucrative than brewing, and it was converted into a distillation of alcohol. The distillery uses only traditional stills, made of copper (pot stills). Continuous distillation through the distillation of the cube to the distillation column is more efficient, and most brands use exactly this way, but pot stills ekstraktiruyut better preserve the flavor and spicy composition required for gin. In the arsenal of the distillery has a small copper alembic intended for distilling small batches of gin, produced by different from traditional recipes. A classic recipe of gin over 200 years old, he was selected as a result of the blind test. According to the owners of the distillery, is quickly replaced by fashion trends in the method of manufacturing the genie can not compete with the classic, proven the most severe judge - time. Big alembic of copper, used for the production of the traditional gin, has a proper name. His name is "Constantia", which translated from Latin means "constancy, immutability" and shows the commitment to tradition. The cube was made a global leader in the production of copper stills - by John Dore & Co. Jean, born by Broker's Gin Limited, over the last decade has won more top awards at specialized events than all other gins. Without a trace of exaggeration, under the brand name "Broker's" create the world's best gin.

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