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Whisky Black Bottle, In tube, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whisky a rich golden color.


Whisky has a rounded, slightly salty taste with a delicate smoky notes in the finish.


Whisky has a refreshing fruity flavor with hints of peat. Complex and harmonious bouquet dominated by the style of the island of Islay.


Whiskey is beautiful in its pure form, and can also be used in cocktails. Recommended to be served at a temperature of 15-17 ° C.

Interesting Facts

Black Bottle - a unique whiskey in his blend of single malt whiskeys includes all seven distilleries, which are located on the famous Scottish island of Islay. Black Bottle whiskey is produced by double distillation and aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years. For the first time the whiskey was created by Gordon Graham in 1879. Until 1914, the whiskey sold in the black bottle, black glass imported from Germany, but since the beginning of the First World War, the tradition changed without vintage whiskey began to be produced in a bottle of green glass and a bottle of whiskey 10 years covered by black plastic, which creates a kind of this black bottle. In 2005 and 2006, whiskey Black Bottl honored with the title of "Best Scotch whiskey mixed" by Jim Murray, "The Bible of whiskey."

The Story:

Gordon Graham and his two brothers, Charles and David, born in the village Torfins, on coming of age moved to Aberdeen in search of work. While in Aberdeen flourished import of products from around the world, particularly Ceylon and Chinese tea. The brothers quickly established themselves as importers and tea blender, they opened the first office in the city center. During this time, the brothers were also known for their blended whiskey, and in 1879 they decided to release the Black Bottle. In 1881, Gordon Graham & Co, as they were called, completely focused its activities on the production of whiskey. They moved to new offices on Market Street and soon built two warehouses in Regent Street.

Due to the outbreak of war black bottle, made in Germany, replacing the bottle of green glass. However, to this day preserved their unique shape. In 1919, control of the business completely switched Charles Graham, the last of the brothers. Charles was a salesman, traveling from city to city and supplying Black Bottle in his car, he had the reputation as "Viskimen." When in 1926 Charles dies, the business is his wife Ann Jane Graham, who became known as "Granny Graham." Since there were no heirs business in 1937 Granny persuades his nephew Graham Graham Horne change the name to Graham Charles Graham. In 1951, new offices on Market Street burned with original recipes, records, and historical documents. In 1955, Gordon Graham, the last of Graham, the management company, begins its work. But in 1959, the American corporation Shelly Industries acquires and control passes into the hands of Long John Distillers. Since then, Gordon Graham & Co changed many owners. For decades, the brand Black Bottle owned independent company, so its distribution was limited to a small area. Since 2002, the brand is owned by Black Bottle Burn Stewart Distillaries. Today, high-quality whiskey is known worldwide.



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