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Whisky "Bird Catcher" Blended Malt, 12 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey beautiful color dark gold.


Beautiful, rich taste of whiskey reveals sweet tones of fresh and dried fruit, spices and citrus, faceted expressive, clear, penetrating the entire gamut of flavor undertones of oak.


Whisky has a complex and rich aromatic range.


Whiskey blends well with a cigar, coffee and great as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

"Bird Catcher" - a nice blended malt whiskey with a beautiful color of dark gold, complex flavor and expressive, memorable taste that he gains thanks to 12 years of aging in oak barrels of bourbon and sherry. "Bird Catcher" is created from a blend of several different alcohols with malt distilleries.

Complex and interesting whiskey production process begins with the creation of barley malt. Selected purified barley is soaked, aligned in a layer thickness of 5-7 centimeters and left for 7-10 days for germination. Then it was dried with hot air, parallel to slightly "bloating" smoke from burning peat, chips or coal. The malt is crushed to a consistency of flour is mixed with hot water and left for 8-12 hours - so obtained "wort" (wort). After cooling, the yeast is added to the wort. The fermentation takes 48 hours and is carried out at a temperature of 35-37 ° C. The result is a light alcoholic drink with alcohol is not more than 5%. Braga then subjected to distillation in two copper devices. After distillation by the first ("wash still") beverage strength increases up to 25-30%. The creators of whiskey called him "weak wine." After distillation through a second machine ("spirits still") fortress reaches 70%. A feature of the second distillation is the separation of the first and last fractions. Is suitable only for the manufacture of middle fraction. Fortress of the resulting alcohol is brought to 50-63,5% by adding spring water. Next comes the turn of one of the most important stages of creating a drink - whiskey excerpts. It takes place in oak barrels of sherry and bourbon. This process gives the drink a beautiful color, flavor and soft taste. For blending whiskey should be filtering through a special paper membrane (at 2-10 ° C) and its bottling.

Whiskey produced by Glasgow Whisky Limited, which was founded in 2007 by two veterans of the whiskey industry - Stuart Hendry and Graham Taylor. They work together in the Scotch whiskey business for almost 50 years. Rich experience and extensive knowledge of the leaders of Glasgow Whisky Limited contributed to the creation of the ideal of Scotch whiskey. In a remarkably short time the company began to manufacture and delivery of Scotch whiskey for customers around the world.


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In our store you can buy whisky "Bird Catcher" Blended Malt, 12 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L, price "Bird Catcher" Blended Malt, 12 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L — $ 41. Producer whisky Glasgow Whisky Limited. Delivery "Bird Catcher" Blended Malt, 12 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L.

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