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Whisky Benriach 20 Years Old, In Tube, 0.7 L

$ 167
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Tasting Notes


Whiskey with a beautiful golden color of amber.


Whiskey with an unusually pleasant, rounded taste with vanilla and honey tones, with a long finish with notes of spices, chocolate, apple and nuts.


Whiskey has refined sophisticated, multifaceted fragrance with pronounced notes of spices, vanilla and nuts.


High-quality whiskey is served, according to Scottish tradition, together with a glass of water to every connoisseur can mix a drink to your liking. The Scots also added to the whiskey soda and ice cubes. Whiskey is well matched with the food - seafood (eg oysters), poultry, smoked fish. At the same whiskey diluted with water in the following ratio: 1/3 -1/2 cup - whiskey, the rest - water. However, to appreciate the malt whiskey can be, to use it in its pure form, without adding anything else. Before use, the need to bring the whiskey to room temperature.

Interesting Facts

Benriah Whiskey (Whisky Benriach) 20 years of aging, has rounded taste with notes of honey and vanilla with captivating long aftertaste with sensual notes of chocolate, spice, apple and nuts. Whiskey with a superb golden-amber color and exquisite aroma.
Benriah 20 years - an extraordinary gift for lovers of excellent quality whiskey! This whiskey in 2007 won the silver medal at the International Spirits Competition.

In 1898 he founded the BenRiach distillery, it makes an excellent whiskey, but in small quantities, so was known only in narrow circles. Its successful but small production once shut, then passed from one host to another, until April 2004 is not taken over by Walker and his partners, and led to the distillery, much has changed. Whiskey production, it was decided to conduct two main opposite directions, the first: modern Speyside - whiskey Heart of Speyside, 12, 16 and 20 years of aging. Second, the traditional Speyside, as he was about two hundred years ago. It is important that Benriah - the only distillery of the now existing that makes whiskey with specific aroma and flavor properties. For this kind of whiskey is peculiar aroma of smoke and peat, spices, vanilla and nuts. The finish is long, has an explosive temper. This style is made of 10-year-old whiskey Curiositas and 21-year-old Authenticus.
Nowadays, the distillery has a rare collection of vintage (one year distillation) whiskey of the highest quality, which are samples of 1966! These curiosities deserve the highest praise of experts and occupy a worthy place in private collections.
In 2002 BenRiach distillery became independent, it has its own malt house (room for the production of barley malt). Observing all the traditions, using an innovative approach, and controlling all stages of production, the distillery produces products that again and again to receive the award, proving his impeccable high quality. For the production of whiskey BenRiach distillery uses three-dimensional and very convex stills and barley malt own production. In manufacture such nuance as alcohol exposure in barrels of bourbon. The result is a light, thin, well-balanced, extremely fragrant, netorfyanoy whiskey (excluding individual options) Another delicacy and merit of today's manufacturers Benriah - a rejection of the addition of caramel and cold filtering, which allows a greater extent preserve the natural flavor and taste of whiskey.

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In our store you can buy whisky Benriach 20 Years Old, In Tube, 0.7 L, price Benriach 20 Years Old, In Tube, 0.7 L — $ 167. Producer whisky Benriach . Delivery Benriach 20 Years Old, In Tube, 0.7 L.

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