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Vodka "Beluga" Noble, 0.7 L

$ 25
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Tasting Notes


Vodka transparent color.


Rich and at the same time soft malt flavor, with light tones of milk thistle.


Beluga Vodka has an elegant flavor.


Beluga vodka drink in its purest form. It is appropriate to apply the exquisite delicacies and famous Russian pickles.

Interesting Facts

Vodka "Beluga" - a high-quality malt alcohol, crystal clear artesian water from Siberian sources, natural honey, oatmeal cereal and milk thistle extract. Milk thistle, a member of vodka Beluga, helps the liver to carry out its work on detoxification.

Vodka "Beluga" - a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Named after the eponymous fish, vodka is unique, as well as rare fish listed in the Red Book of Russia.

Vodka "Beluga" - one of the most successful spirit brands in Russia. This exclusive vodka is produced at the Mariinsky distillery, a subsidiary of "Synergy". Through the efforts of specialists Beluga vodka could be a worthy representative of the Russian alcohol industry abroad. Today it is exported to many European countries, including the UK, Poland, Bulgaria and other countries. This vodka - a truly unique, designer product. Made it in safely in environmentally region of Siberia - Kemerovo region. For hundreds of miles around the production there are no large industrial facilities. This means that the vodka "Beluga" absorb all the best that nature can give. Two stages of filtration deliver unsurpassed purity of flavor vodka. In addition, after each stage of the production of vodka is given time to "rest" and "calm." Thus, vodka "Beluga" "resting" and "infused" to reveal their best qualities.

Producer's description

JSC "Synergy" - one of the leaders of the Russian market of spirits. To date, the company employs more than 8,000 employees, and its products in more than 50 countries. The company owns a number of distilleries in Siberia, the Far East, Central, Volga and North-Western districts. The structure also includes a Synergy PentaAgro company, which is engaged in the production of food and is a partner of world famous brands. Now the company is Synergy 31 positions in the top 50 companies on the rate of the level of development in the Russian Federation.

1998 - the year of establishment of the company. Its founder was Alexander A. Mechetin. Synergy initially positioned itself as a manufacturer in the food industry, and only since 2002 the company has focused on the production of alcoholic beverages. In 2007 Synergy won the title of the first public spirits company. In 2008 began an active export activities to market of Europe, CIS, USA. Today, the company is developing its highly successful brands and enter into business relationships with all new and new partners.

Like any self-respecting and promising company, Synergy aims to take a leading position not only in the Russian market of alcoholic beverages, but also in the international. So, one of the primary goals of the company - brand promotion Beluga (Beluga) on the international market and gain recognition of this product. In addition, Synergy has been actively involved in special projects: the company provides support to one of the Russian sailing projects, which won international status.
Business partners of the company are: Sberbank, VTB Group, MDM-Bank, Renaissance Capital, VSK Insurance House, Russian public organization "Business Russia".


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In our store you can buy vodka "Beluga" Noble, 0.7 L, price "Beluga" Noble, 0.7 L — $ 25. Producer vodka Novabev Group. Delivery "Beluga" Noble, 0.7 L.

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