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Rum Banks, "7 Golden Age", 0.7 L

$ 71
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Tasting Notes


Rum golden-amber color.


Taste of rum elegant, rich, intense, with nuances of hot spices (thyme, sage), bark and roots of trees, long finish with stunning texture.


The aroma of rum felt shades of maple syrup, chocolate tones and light notes of burnt barrels, shades of spices, sea breeze and tropical fruits.


Rum can be enjoyed neat, with ice or in cocktails (Daiquiri). Rum is a great digestif, goes well with cigars.

Interesting Facts

To create a unique novel "7 Golden Age" were used 23 types of rum from seven different islands (Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Java, Panama and Guatemala), aged for years in barrels of bourbon and skillfully combined masterom- Arnaud de Trabuco blender. Get rich blend of different rare euphony, in which each component (when viewed on geographical origin) plays its part. So, rum from Barbados blend gives a nutty character; Guyanese rum adds a touch of tropical fruit and molasses; rich spirit rum from Trinidad blend strengthens and gives him confidence; Guatemalan rum contributes to depth; Panamanian rum character strengthens dry blend. And finally, it completes the beauty of heady, aromatic Jamaican rum with sparkling hints of spice.

For the preparation of rum "7 Golden Age" used only the lower part of the sugar cane, which are crushed and milled very slowly. From the resulting mass squeezed juice, from which then boiled syrup. In the sugar syrup subsequently crystallized sugar crystals are removed the remaining syrup was diluted with water, is mixed with yeast and allowed to ferment, then distilled and kept in oak barrels.

Premium rums Banks named for Joseph Banks - the famous explorer and botanist of the XVIII century. Sir Joseph Banks was an English scientist, naturalist and navigator James Cook associate and one of the founders of the Royal Academy of Sciences. In 1768-1771 years he participated in the first world tour of James Cook aboard the famous ship "Endeavour". It is thanks to Banks after this trip Europeans learned about plants such as acacia, mimosa and eucalyptus. Rum "Banks" symbolizes respect for the great discoveries made by Joseph Banks.


  • Serving temperature: 16-18°C
  • Color : Golden
  • Сlassification: Premium
  • Made from: Treacle
  • Cask type: Bourbon Casks
  • Body: Middle Boiled
  • Overproof rum: Yes
  • Website:
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In our store you can buy rum Banks, "7 Golden Age", 0.7 L, price Banks, "7 Golden Age", 0.7 L — $ 71. Producer rum Banks. Delivery Banks, "7 Golden Age", 0.7 L.

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