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Schnaps August Weinhof, Williamsbirnen, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Schnapps are perfectly transparent.


The rich, soft, rounded taste of schnapps is revealed in all sorts of tones of a ripe and green pear. The composition is complemented by pleasant honey tones and a long, inviting aftertaste.


The bouquet of schnapps is made up of saturated pear chords, which are guessed from the first notes.


It is recommended to use Schnapps exclusively in pure form for a full sense of taste.

Interesting Facts

August Weinhof, Williamsbirnen is a traditional Austrian drink made according to an old recipe. The word "schnapps" has old Norse roots and means "to drink at a salvo". For many years, schnapps have been used only as a medicine, while real connoisseurs have not discerned in it the potential of a strong elite drink that has gained popularity in this world. Drink became the visiting card of the country and the star of the August Weinhof brand. For the production of schnapps Williamsbirnen take only selected Williams pears cultivated in the southern regions of Austria. The drink is obtained by distilling the fermented pear juice. This method allows you to preserve the natural taste and aroma of the fruit base. Fermentation takes place without the addition of sugar. After two years of aging the tincture is blended with pure spring water from a mountain spring in the Alps.

Producer's description

Schnapps under the August Weinhof brand are produced at the Lehar plant, founded back in 1902 by Josef Lechar in the Baden district of Lower Austria. Josef Lehar started his business from commercial production and trade of distilled spirits, vinegar, butter and tea. Despite the turmoil of the First World War, the subsequent global economic crisis and the catastrophe of World War II, Lehar's economic performance continuously grew. In 1976, Josef Lehar wanted to retire and was looking for a suitable successor, who was to face the challenges of a new era - the beginning of the internationalization of the market and the growing number of supermarkets.

Gerhard Visbok, a young promising entrepreneur, saw this as a great opportunity and did not miss it. "The high quality of old, proven recipes and a proven name - nothing can go wrong!" "Wiesbock said and bought the company with his wife, Krista. Past years showed that he was right. To date, Lehar is one of the oldest enterprises with centuries of tradition in the production of alcoholic beverages in Austria. Since its foundation, the company has received numerous awards in the country and abroad for the high quality of its products. Lehar has the most modern equipment for the production and bottling of alcoholic beverages.

Lehar products are represented in all Austrian trade networks, in regional organized and unorganized specialized trade, as well as in retail and gastronomy. Exports are made to Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Slovakia, Russia and other countries.


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