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Vodka "Artsakh" Grape, 0.75 L

$ 19
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Tasting Notes


Crystal-clear transparent.


Characterized by harmonious soft taste, which felt fine fragrant notes Rkatsiteli.


It has a mild aroma with pronounced notes of grape.


Lovely digestif. Goes well with most dishes of Oriental and Caucasian cuisine. Barbecue, Roasted lamb leg, poultry stuffed apricots, cherries and other fruits. As first courses suitable shourpa and Lagman, and as snacks basturma, poultry liver and baked vegetables.

Interesting Facts

Vodka "Artsakh Grape" is made from selected grapes Rkatsiteli sweet berries. Harvesting is done by hand in September and October, when the grapes ripen fully and sugar in it will be most concentrated. Resulting in a juicer pure grape juice is fermented and then distilled twice. Because the distillate, unlike Grappa, prepared from pure juice without pomace, and distillation is carried out in small cubes of copper such as cognac, it turns bole saturated and aromatic. The resulting ethyl alcohol blended with a clean, soft water of mountain glaciers, and then purified by membrane filters.
Before you go on sale "Artsakh Grape" aged 3-4 months in enamel tanks, thus acquires its unique fragrant and smooth taste.
Serve "Artsakh" is recommended during the main meal, or after as a digestif, not cold, and at 20-24S.

Producer's description

The Artsakh Brandy Company became one of the first independent family enterprises for the production of alcoholic beverages in Armenia. The creation of the winery belongs to 1998. It was built on the site of the old Askeran winery, built in 1992. The area of ​​the plant has 3 hectares. The company also owns vineyards and fruit and berry gardens - pomegranate, mulberry and cornel. Thanks to the factory equipped with the latest technology, with a rich winemaking experience that is passed from generation to generation, Artsah Brandy Company produces and successfully sells its products on the alcohol market in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Italy and other countries : wine, cognacs, fruit distillates and pomegranate wines.


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In our store you can buy vodka "Artsakh" Grape, 0.75 L, price "Artsakh" Grape, 0.75 L — $ 19. Producer vodka Artsah Brandy Company. Delivery "Artsakh" Grape, 0.75 L.

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