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Whisky Arran Robert Burns Single Malt, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey light amber color.


Whiskey has a full, mellow flavor with fruity and woody notes and a long bitter aftertaste with a nutty, vanilla and barley tones.


Buttery flavor of the whiskey reveals subtle notes of barley malt, fresh green apples, pears, cedar and vanilla nuances.


Whiskey is recommended to use in its pure form or with the addition of ice cubes.

Interesting Facts

In the XIX century on the island of Arran began to actively work 50 illegal distilleries whose fame went throughout Scotland. On the island there were ideal conditions for the manufacture of whiskey wonderful water, softened and purified peat granite, growing best malt in Scotland, and the island is washed by the warm sea currents - the Gulf Stream, which creates a special microclimate. At that time, the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns was engaged not only writing poetry, he earned his living by working Inspector Service, which controls the legality of whiskey production. But legends that the poet is not too strictly applied to beverage producers, and even tasted whiskey distillery on the right. That's why so many of his collections of poems dedicated to this drink. Autograph, a name and a portrait of the world famous Robert Burns, Scotland and glorifies her famous whiskey, whiskey on the label may be used only Arran distillery.

Robert Burns Single Malt - excellent taste and aroma of single malt Scotch whiskey made ​​from 8-year-old alcohols, which are kept in oak barrels of sherry.

The story of "Isle of Arran Distileri" began in 1994, when the family Curry opened distillery on the Scottish island of Arran, near the village Lokranza. Distillery used in their work the traditional methods of production of whiskey, making a bet on the proven quality of the product, and thus its products quickly enough gained a good reputation among customers. Curry family had to build a new distillery since 1837 on the island of Arran was not a single plant for the production of whiskey. The distillery, which is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills, near the ancient castle of the XIV century.

Water for Arran whiskey taken from the source Izon Borah, located through the deposits of gravel, granite, peat, sand and clay. It provides a unique water slightly peaty and slightly smoky flavor of whiskey Arran.
Alcohols on Arran distillery began producing in 1995, keeping them in barrels of sherry, but actually acquired the status of whiskey drink only from June 1998, and the first bottles of products were offered only to customers in 2001.
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In our store you can buy whisky Arran Robert Burns Single Malt, gift box, 0.7 L, price Arran Robert Burns Single Malt, gift box, 0.7 L — $ 24. Producer whisky Isle of Arran Distillery. Delivery Arran Robert Burns Single Malt, gift box, 0.7 L.

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