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Water "AriZona" Sweet Tea, in can, 680 ml

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Tasting Notes


Water is a clear, transparent color.


Water has a soft, delicate taste with slightly brackish mineral hues.


The aroma of water is fresh, clean.


Water can be consumed all day.

Interesting Facts

"Aqua Minerale" - drinking artesian water, raised to the surface from the deepest and most protected layers of the earth. During the production process, water is filtered through sandwich multilayer filters, and it is also purified in modern reverse osmosis plants. In the final stage of processing, the water prepared for bottling is subjected to multistage filtration on polishing filters, thereby achieving absolute (99.999%) removal of particles with a diameter of one or more microns. Filtered water is passed through an ultraviolet disinfection unit, then it is saturated with ozone and only then enters the bottling line, where under high sanitary conditions in a nitrogen environment the bottles are filled and corked. This ensures the preservation of the unique taste and physico-chemical properties of the finished product for a long time.

Producer's description

The stunning success of AriZona Iced Tea at the beginning of the 1990s. I made ​​the company AriZona Beverage Co. major player in the multi-billion dollar market, offering an alternative to traditional carbonated beverages. In the early 1970s, shortly after graduating from high school, John Ferolito and Don Vultaggio decided to do business together. They bought a used Volkswagen beads and began to engage in the supply of beer and soda in grocery stores and at home in Brooklyn. Through time friends bought a lorry for wholesale deliveries. Their business went up the hill, and now instead of one truck in their property was a small car park. However, it was not quite what friends would do. John and Don decide to create their own brand. So a company Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons.

So in the mid-1980s. appeared brewer Hornell Brewing Co. Revenues grew, and in 1992 launched a new project - AriZona Iced Tea.
Today the company AriZona Beverage Co. is a wide range of hot and cold teas, juices, energy and sport drinks. All products are very popular, and more than 40 countries.


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In our store you can buy bottled water "AriZona" Sweet Tea, in can, 680 ml, price "AriZona" Sweet Tea, in can, 680 ml — $ 2. Producer bottled water AriZona Beverage Co.. Delivery "AriZona" Sweet Tea, in can, 680 ml.

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