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Water Antiqua Sparkling PET, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


The water is crystal-clear, transparent color.


Water has a perfectly balanced and smooth taste.


Water has a neutral flavor.


Water is ideal for the preparation of soft drinks, cocktails, fruit, vegetable, herb, refreshing, invigorating, cleansing drinks.

Interesting Facts

Source of mineral water "Antiqua" is located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines at an altitude of 1495 meters above sea level in the Italian province of Parma, in the town Mazanti di Bedonia. The complete absence of industry and agriculture, uninhabited steep slopes covered with thick virgin forests, thick layers of filtering rocks provide absolute natural purity water.

Each bottle contains as pure, delicious and healthy water directly from the source, as when filling it completely is not processed. Thanks to a well-balanced and smooth taste, as well as the optimum degree of aeration water "Antiqua" is ideal for cooking a variety of toning and refreshing drinks.

Composition and Properties
The temperature at the source of - 7,7 ° C
The pH at the source - 7.8
Dry the precipitate at 180 ° C - 184,0 mg / l
Conductivity at 20 ° C - 261,0 uS / cm
The carbon dioxide content at the source - 9.5 mg / l

Mineralization (mg / l)
Bicarbonates - 180.0
Sulfates - 9.4
Calcium - 53.4
Magnesium - 4.0
Silicon - 5.2
Chlorides - 4.0


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