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Water "Acqua Panna", Glass, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Water is transparent, crystal-clear color.


Water taste is light, clean, delicate, nice, elegant.


Water has a fresh aroma.


The water is perfect to quench your thirst during the day, to accompany the meal.

Interesting Facts

One of the easiest brackish mineral water in the world - natural water "Acqua Panna" - comes from an underground source from the Apennines, breaking through layers of rock, thus naturally cleaned and feasting minerals. Water has a perfectly balanced, fresh, non-carbonated taste, the ability to enhance even the most delicate taste, which makes it an excellent addition to the culinary delights. Water inherent low sodium content and availability of minerals such as calcium, bicarbonates and sulfates.

The name "Panna" mineral water takes the place of its discovery at Villa Panna in the hills of Tuscany, north of Florence. In the XVI century this area belonged to the Medici family. This fact played a major role in the recognition of water as the Medici renowned for its luxurious feasts with lots of delicious dishes, which including feeding and mineral water from its source. In 1860, bottled water, at the 54-liter carboy have begun to trace the owner of Villa Panna - awnings Torrigiani, and in 1910 they began to produce water "Acqua Panna" in one-liter glass bottles. In 1938, Count Contini Bonakkossi founds "Societa Panna" for the production of water "Acqua Panna". In 1957 the brand "Acqua Panna" well-known company buys San Pellegrino. Interestingly, in 1970 the plant for the production of "Aqua Panna" became the first Italian owner of the line for bottling water in plastic bottles. In 2003, the "Acqua Panna" becomes the official water of the International Sommelier Association.

Today, the brand name "Aqua Panna", as well as the brand name "San Pellegrino", owned by Nestle created for the production and sale of mineral water ad hoc group - Nestle Waters, is currently the world leader in the sale of bottled water for nearly 70 brands, including Perrier, Vittel, S. Pellegrino, Nestle Pure Life, and others. "Acqua Panna" has become a sign of luxury, it can be found in the most expensive restaurants and hotels around the world, as well as high government activities. In 2010, the world-famous hotels chains Hilton, Omni and Fairmont signed a contract for the supply of Nestle Waters "Acqua Panna", which is consistently ranked in the "Top 25 bottled water."


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In our store you can buy bottled water "Acqua Panna", Glass, 0.75 L, price "Acqua Panna", Glass, 0.75 L — $ 2. Producer bottled water Nestle Waters. Delivery "Acqua Panna", Glass, 0.75 L.

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