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Absent Xenta, gift box with 2 glasses & spoon, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Absinthe has an exquisite translucent green with a playful, fresh shades of lime, apple and spring grass.


Absinthe Xenta different relaxed wormwood-anise flavor with hints of licorice.


Absinthe has a rich aroma of anise
with notes of spices and herbs.


Absinthe Księte beautiful both in pure form or as a wonderful ingredient in cocktails. Xenta well with juices - orange and pineapple, lemonade and ice. There are several ways to use Absinthe: 1. Above the glass with absinthe spoon is placed with a piece of sugar, poured sugar water until the absinthe will not become cloudy, releasing essential oils, thereby softening the taste. Proportion of absinthe and water (1: 5). 2. placed on a glass spoon put a lump of sugar, then slowly poured and ignited absinthe, sugar flows into the glass, then add water and ice.

Interesting Facts

Absent Xenta - one of the most famous in the world absinthes. Księte - absinthe is steeped in history and tradition, exclusive recipe which has not changed for over two hundred years. For the preparation of high-Absent Xenta used wormwood, which grows at an altitude of 2000 meters in the Alps of northern Italy, it is collected in the final phase of flowering and use leaves only the upper parts of the plant.

To create Księte tincture of wormwood leaves mixed with anise and coriander, resulting elixir is filtered to obtain the magic, with nothing comparable green. Strengthened absinthe alcohol of the highest quality. Thujone content of not more than 10 mg / 1 liter, which is permissible by law.

«Absent Xenta in a box with two glasses and Absinthe spoon" - a wonderful gift, the set includes a special spoon to prepare absinthe on classic recipes. Any expert and connoisseur of absinthe certainly appreciate such a present!

Producer's description

Torino Distillati is a company that is able to meet almost any customer need thanks to a clear, efficient organization of production, the flexibility of production lines and the skills of highly qualified staff. The company's products are widely known in many European countries, the USA and South America.


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