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Vodka Abri, Tuta, 200 ml

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Tasting Notes


Vodka transparent pure color.


Vodka has a clean, bright flavor with fruity and woody notes and a long pleasant aftertaste.


The aroma of mulberry vodka mixed light notes of herbs and subtle notes of mulberries.


Mulberry vodka is an excellent aperitif alone or with ice, perfectly complement the hot meat dishes, steak chargrilled dishes from trout and sturgeon, vegetable dishes, a variety of oriental dishes. Can be used as a component of cocktails, as well as irreplaceable as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Mulberry vodka made ​​from white and black mulberry (mulberry), grown exclusively in the Armenian highlands, has a very pleasant aroma and pure natural taste. History tutovki preparation began long before our era. Mulberry trees thrive in the Caucasus, helped by the local specific climate. They are a kind of indicator and show good ecology of these places, because there is easily killed by pollution of soil and air.

Mulberry vodka, which is popularly referred to as tutovkoy or Armenian vodka, has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it does not happen after a hangover and headaches. Secondly, it has healing properties, which have been known since ancient times. For example, in Armenia, everyone knows that the one who every morning drink a hundred grams tutovki live to old age. Besides tutovka treats many ailments, including ulcers and gastro-intestinal tract. Mulberry vodka under the brand name "Abri" refers to the premium category and can proudly hold equal positions with such well-known drinks like rum, tequila, brandy and Calvados.

Vodka Abri created on ancient technology, sharantnym method. This method, like charante copper stills, invented many centuries ago in the Charente (France) for the production of high-quality exclusive cognac and armagnac. Collection mulberries carried out in June, when the fruits of mulberry reach a peak of sugar content (not less than 16%). Obtained from mulberry juice is first fermented and then distilled consistent double. The first distillation pursues its goal to obtain crude alcohol strength of 28-32%. Then it is separated from the two fractions - the initial distillate, so-called "head", and the final distillate - "tail." Subsequently, they are combined and mixed with wine materials for the second distillation. The second distillation - "Bon-shofe", which means "good or decent degree" - requires special care and skill, to give the alcohol reaches 60-65%. The resulting alcohol is blended with purified softened water, which is taken from the local mountain springs. Further, the beverage is cooled to -12 ° C and filtered through a three-stage filter Seitz.

Vodka "Abri" with natural exquisite taste and a delicate aroma will create a beautiful summer mood and decorate any meal!


  • Strength: 40%
  • Serving temperature: 8-10°С
  • Bottle type: Glass
  • Distillation: Double
  • Raw materials: Mulberry
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