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Baileys is a kind of liqueur made from the finest ingredients such as famous Irish cream, eggs, chocolate, cocoa and whiskey. This is one of the favourite liqueurs around the world. People prefer to drink straight, over ice, and even with some good quality coffee. Baileys is such a powerful drink that gives you the opportunity to develop your creativity. Actually, you can make perfectly yummy desserts and drinks with Baileys such as: hot chocolate, decorative cakes and cupcakes, Baileys Irish latte, chocolate mousse, tiramisu and many more. And, of course, Baileys is the very important ingredient of many world-famous cocktails such as: Irish Mint, After Eight and Bailey's Comet. Baileys is certainly a breathtaking drink! The story about Baileys begins in Ireland, a country that is known for its breeding of cows on beautiful green pastures. These are “the happiest cows in the world”, because grazing lasts for nine months of the year! Domestic cow's milk from Irish pastures is the main ingredient of Baileys, it makes this drink so unique and recognizable across the whole world. This milk is mixed with high-quality Irish whiskey that assists in the conservation and freshness of Baileys. Today, there are several variants of Baileys, and the best known are The Original, Creme Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Hazelnut, Biscotti, Orange Truffle and Coffee. Original baileys should be stored away from direct sunlight at temperature range 5-25°C (41-77°F). It has 17% alcohol by volume.