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Grappa is an alcoholic beverage and is sometimes also called grape vodka. Grappa is made by the distillation of skin, pulps, stems and seeds of pressed grape. It was originally produced in Italy, but now, it is also produced in Switzerland and San Marino. The quality and flavour of grappa is determined by the grapes and the distillation process used.
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Grappa is a world famous spirit, and is sometimes considered wine, but more often it is considered grape vodka. Grappa was first produced by peasants who wanted to use leftover waste from the manufacturing of wine. The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” goes well in this case. They collected the thin grape skin, pulp and even stalks and branches which were left behind from the wine production. Water and yeast were then added before the mixture was distilled. This produced a drink with a high alcoholic content.

The name of the drink came from the place where Grappa was first distilled, a northern Italian town of Bassano del Grappa. Very soon grappa became popular, mostly because its manufacture was economical and inexpensive.

Now-a-days, the name ‘grappa’ is protected. Grappa has to be produced in Italy, San Marino or Switzerland. It has to be produced by using pomace and no additional water is to be added while distillation and fermentation. Grappa may be aged in barrels. Aged Grappa has a yellow or a reddish brown shade. Various other kinds of wood barrels may be used to alter the flavour of the grappa.

Originally drunk by peasants, Grappa gradually began to appeal to a more bourgeois market and today this drink is closely related to aristocracy. It is kept in exotically designed bottles and offered at expensive restaurants. In other words, Grappa is now considered a drink for a discerning palate. High quality Grappa usually has a distinct aroma. The famous producers of Grappa are Nonino, Bocchino, Sibona, Jacopo Poli, Brotto, and many more.

You can buy grappa online at WineStyle shop. If you want to enquire about the various grades of this drink, the information on the labels will help.

The inscription ‘Giovane’ means that the grappa is young and has been bottled straight after the distillation. The label ‘affinata’ means that the grappa has been stored in the wooden barrels for at least six months. The label ‘Invecchiata’ means that the grappa was stored for at least one year. Grappa stored for more than one year is considered old. The inscription for this is ‘stravecchia’ or ‘rizerva’.

The inscription on the label may also read aromatic or aromatizzata. Grappa aromatica is made from the grapes of Moscato or Prosecco, which possess a characteristic taste and aroma. Grappa aromatizzata is flavoured by means of various additives: coffee, blackcurrant, almonds and chocolate.

In Italian coffee houses, it holds a special position on menus. It is generally served with coffee and chocolate. Grappa is often consumed after dinner or with desserts. It can also be served with cheeses, seafood snacks and fruits. Grappa is best drunk soon after opening as it does not keep for longer than 18 months. You can buy Grappa in UK via our site Winestyle. The exclusive spirits in our store are brandy, Armagnac and calvados. Unlike Russian vodka it does not require preliminary cooling. Grappa price is acceptable for all buyers.

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