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Calvados is a famous alcoholic beverage, originating from France, produced by certain varieties of apples (there are about 200 species). Actually, this is the famous French brandy. A connoisseur of alcoholic beverages can say this famous French alcoholic symbol is undoubtedly one of the noblest and strongest alcoholic beverages in the world. Calvados is truly the pride of Normandy and Brittany.

Calvados is a very strong spirit drink with a yellowish walnut colour (or caramel colour), with a distinctive flavour and sweetish taste. Its superfine fragrance and tenderness are largely meritorious for the quality and reputation that the Calvados has.

The story of Calvados takes us back to the year 1588. Calvados is a name of Spanish origin. One of Philip II’s sailingships ,named “El Calvados” smashed into the rocks of Normandy during the conquest of England- so this region of Normandy got its name because of the name of the ship. Calvados production is very interesting, and manufacturers use lots of secrets and tricks during the production of this powerful beverage. Regional right to use the brand «calvados» was awarded in the year 1942. The original Calvados is prepared in 11 municipalities of Normandy.

Concerning the production technology, we can say in briefthe blended, crushed and pressed apples are processed into a special apple juice. This juice is fermented, so that obtained distillate should stand for at least three years in oak barrels.

We can also mention here the world-famous manufacturers such as Chateau du Breuil, Coeur de Lion (Christian Drouin), Pere Magloire, Calvados Boulard and many others.

When you try a sip of high quality Calvados for the first time itcan be an incredible experience for you! You can really taste the caramelised apple in your mouth. Its complex and elegant aromas are present at the back of the nose. You can also enjoy a lovely flavour of almond plusaromas of different spices and licorice- even wood and bourbon vanilla.. The quality, dominant flavours and colours depend on the year of production (first registration). Younger bottlings have a stronger apple flavour. The older beverages lose their fruity aroma and can take on different tastes, reminding us of the cognac. This can be good advice if you are going to buy calvados.

Calvados is drunk from a glass of cognac, which is heated in the hand. Calvados can be consumed before the main dish, and possibly at the end of the meal. Calvados can be consumed as an aperitif as it’s a powerful digestive andit’s great in several famous alcoholic cocktails, as well as with coffee and dark chocolate.

The price of Calvados depends on the manufacturer, its quality and the year of production.. If you want to buy high-quality Calvados , you should know that it is a very classy and respectful drink. You have a good opportunity to buy Calvados online, at excellent prices. Just review the online shop, compare prices and offers, and enjoy this outstanding drink. As the old English proverb says: «An apple a day, doctor away».