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The memories of summer

19 January 2015

White wine reminds us of summer with its fresh taste and sweet aroma of meadow flowers, ripened fruits and freshly cut grass. 

The colour of white wine varies from straw yellow to slightly green, and even to the thick and saturated colour of old amber. The colour of wine is affected by many factors, including the type of grape used, the ripeness, the technology used for production and the age of the wine. The younger the wine, the paler the colour it will have. An older wine will have a saturated wheat pattern.

A glass of white wine attracts drinkers with its cheerful and sunny palette. Sauvignon Blanc and Prosecco are a simple straw yellow, Silvaner flashes with yellow-green sparkles and Muscat wine delights with a bright yellow hue. Pinot Blanc, Traminer and Verdicchio have a colour similar to beautiful melted gold. whereas Red Furmint argues with copper Pti Mansan. Pinot Grigio and Ugni Blanc both have a pink tinge.

White wine has always been appreciated by buyers for its light character. It is lauded for giving the feeling of youth, cheerfulness and purity.

It was previously thought that white wine should not be aged in oak barrels. Nevertheless, in modern times winemakers often use this method because it gives the wine vanilla and oil fragrant nuances.

By knowing the variety of grape, it is possible to predict the taste of white wine. For example, in the description of the wines from the popular grape Sauvignon Blanc includes traditional notes of gooseberry and citrus. In Burgundy, the Chardonnay, in all variety of styles, presents distinctly nutty nuances and motives of light toast, while in the Australian wines made from the same grape warm tones of tropical fruits, apricots and peaches can be traced. The bouquet of aromatic wines from Viognier or Gewurztraminer is made of exotic, floral and even perfume-like nuances.

Italian white wines can be called noble, subtle and elegant. The aristocratic Gavi wine from Piedmont, created from Cortese grapes, fascinates with a gentle citrus bouquet. The sensually elegant wine Soave from the Veneto region serves as the basis of the local varieties of Garganega and Trebbiano, which are compared with the kiss of lovers.

Classic German Rieslings, velvety Italian Muscat and sweet thick French Sauternes differ by their high yield and the capacity for long term storage.

The most successful instances of single variety types are called the flagship white wines of the New World; such is the Argentine Torrontes grape, which yields a soft fragrant wine with moderate acidity. The flagship class of South Africa comes from the Loire Valley Chenin Blanc, with fragrant honeysuckle, quince and melon. New Zealand is famous for its succulent grass-fruit wines from Sauvignon Blanc vines.

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