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Liqueur "Zlatogor" Chistaya Sleza Pshenichnaya, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Tincture of pure, transparent color.


The tincture has a clean, soft, spicy taste with a hint of bread in the aftertaste.


In the flavor of the tincture, the tones of freshly baked bread are felt, which are supplemented by the delicate spicy notes of cumin.


Tincture can be consumed as an aperitif, with rich snacks, pickles, meat dishes.

Interesting Facts

The secrets of blending are based on the manufacture of strong drinks under the brand name "Zlatogor" . Technologists of Zlatogor plant studied the recipes for vodka and tinctures, which were bottled at the factory before 1917, and also developed a multi-level purification technology used for their creation of gold-water "living water". This technology allows to preserve the crystal purity of water and the beneficial effect of the ions of precious metals dissolved in it. Natural aromatic alcohols and infusions, which are included in the blends of drinks, are created by specialists of the plant on the basis of ancient recipes and recommendations of specialists of the Botanical Garden.

Zlatogor tincture Clean Tear Wheat is the true spirit and life-giving energy of wheat fields. The tincture is made from selected wheat according to the classical technology, which has been tested for years and is triple-stripped. The composition of the tincture includes pure artesian water, ethyl alcohol rectified "Lux", alcohol, infused with wheat croutons, and aromatic infusion of cumin.

Producer's description

The company "Petrus-Alco" , specializing in the production of a variety of alcoholic beverages, is one of the leading companies of the Ukrainian alcohol market. The history of the company began in 2000, when the company became the manager of Zolotonosh distillery Zlatogor. The central office of the company is located in Kiev. The company's portfolio of brands includes products in all price segments. The main brands of Petrus-Alko are: Zlatogor, Status, Gorilochka, Cekushka, The Highland Fox, Long Recipe, Ripe, AJ. The products are exported to 22 countries: the USA, Russia, China, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries, Spain, Germany, Poland, Canada and others.

Zolotonosh distillery "Zlatogor" is one of the oldest enterprises of the industry, founded in 1896. Currently, the plant produces more than 50 types of alcoholic products: vodka, balsams, liqueurs, bitter and sweet tinctures. In 2001, about two million euros were invested in the development of the plant's production. Products of the Zlatogor plant were awarded numerous awards at domestic and international industry competitions. In November 2005 the "Status" vodka and "Long Recipe" TM balsams were awarded the honorary title of the "European Golden Brand" of the European Association of Alcohol Producers.


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