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Tasting Notes


The wine is opal.


The wine has a refined, well-balanced, oily, mature flavor with good acidity. Stable brackish notes minerals give the wine a unique exotic nature and characteristics of expressiveness.


Interesting complex bouquet presented notes of citrus, silicon, honey, spices, fermented wheat and barley combined with smoky flavor.


Wine wonderfully in harmony with white meat dishes, sushi, crudo, shellfish and young cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Vitovska Collection, Carso DOC - holds a special place in the collection of wines Zidarich. It is produced from the autochthonous Italian grape varieties Vitovsky only during the best vintages. Intense and elegant wine Vitovsky kolekshn 2006 was a reflection not only of exceptional crop grown on the plateau of the Carso, but also the traditions, philosophy and life experiences of family Zidarich. This white wine is produced in manufacturing technology reds. The grapes are harvested in their own vineyards, farms, located in the municipalities of Duino, Aurizina, Loc. Prepotto and Trieste. Vine, who range in age from 6 to 30 years, grow to a height of 260-280 meters above sea level on the red soils with a high content of limestone karst and have a south-eastern exposure. Stocking density of 8,000-10,000 plants per hectare. Harvesting is done by hand, starting from the last week of September and the first ten days of October. The clusters are placed in small containers, and which are transported to the winery. After desteblirovaniya crushed berries. Fermentation is carried out for 20 days in open vats in contact with the skin, with the participation of natural yeasts and without temperature control with daily pizhazhem. Wine matures for 4 years in Slavonian oak barrels of 10 hectoliters. Before bottling it is not stabilized and filtered. Usually before they go on sale wine yet 1 year kept in cellars economy. Wine harvest in 2006, which appeared on the market in June 2011, was issued in the amount of only 1300 bottles, and each of which has its own number. V mark on the label represents the number 5, indicating a space numerology harmony, union center and balance, and at the same time is the first letter in the name Vitovska - the net value of the natural wine and a high essence.

Producer's description

Agriculture Zidarich, located in a beautiful and unique, surrounded by vineyards location in the heart of the limestone plateau of the Carso near the border with Slovenia.

Talented winemaker and innovator Benjamin Zidarich inherited in 1988 from his father, the wine company, has made ​​it a real revolution. From the outset, the company's activities could be regarded as a challenge to the ground, consisting of karst and requires great physical strength and resources. Weather conditions also Carso plateau is not particularly favorable for viticulture, as there are often dominated by a strong cold wind from the Alps, whose influence smoothes the soft breeze from the Mediterranean Sea.

Benjamin began by saying that the great work carried out in the vineyards, whose area was expanded from 0.5 to 8 hectares. On removing the stones and shrubs were planted land young vine indigenous grape varieties Malvasia, Ribolla Jalla, Vitovsky and Teran, and in the 90s were added Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. In the period from 2002 to 2009 was built a new winery with a five-level cellar carved into the limestone. "Caves" are cellars for aging and storing wine, there are also working areas and tasting room, located on the upper level. From its windows a magnificent view of the sea and vineyards.

Today Benjamin Zidarich together with his wife Marisa produces about 20,000 bottles of wine a year mostly from local grapes that are perfectly adapted to the surrounding natural environment and most fully reflect the characteristics of the terroir. In the manufacture of wines wife Zidarich adhere to the principle: "Do top-quality wines from the fact that nature gives us, without any compromises." That is why the vineyards are used exclusively organic methods of processing. By modern standards, farming produces a small amount of wine, however, the number of his fans is growing, not only in Italy but also far beyond its borders.


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