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Beer "Wolters" Pilsener, 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer is light-golden in color.


The taste of the beer is classic and fresh, with mild hints of malt and bread. The aftertaste demonstrates the nuances of garden fruits and grasses.


The aroma of beer opens with gentle tones of malt and hops.


Beer is recommended for light snacks, pizza, fish dishes, white meat and poultry.

Interesting Facts

"Wolters" Pilsener is a light German pilsner made according to the traditional recipe of the Hofbrauhaus Wolters brewery. He shows a classic malt flavor with unobtrusive notes of hops. A pleasant carbonization gives the beer a light piquancy and a high pitcher. "Walters" Pilsner - an excellent addition to dishes from low-fat meat and classic snacks.

The Hofbrauhaus Wolters brewery, based in Braunschweig, dates back to 1627. It was then that the mayor of the city of Zacharias, Boyling, married the widow of Hans Haverland and became a co-owner of his estate. On its territory, Zacharias also set up its new brewery. 1648 was marked by the end of the Thirty Years' War. Braunschweig remained virtually intact. In the archives of that time, a record of Zakharias's purchase of several barrels of beer, which then treated the Swedes at the gates of the city, was preserved. After the death of Boiling, his brewery is bought by Peter Varneke.

In 1734 in the name of the brewery the name Volters was first mentioned. It belonged to Henry Levin Walters, who married his cousin Peter Varneke. After this event, the brewery belonged to this family for the next six generations. In 1876, the Duke of Wilhelm Braunschweig and Lüneburgsky awarded Carl Christian Wolters the Order for the installation of a modern brewery equipped with the latest technological standards of the time. In 1882, the brewery received the title "Herzogliches Hofbrauhaus" (Ducal brewery). This event opened new markets for Hofbrauhaus Walters and gave a strong economic push.

In 1920, the brewery, which at that time was known as Herzogliche Hofbrauhaus Carl Wolters, merged with Balhornsche Bierbrauerei AG. The Second World War interrupted the development of the enterprise. Bombing destroyed the plant, leaving only one-third of its building. In 1947, she was succeeded by Dr. Carl Walters. He made great efforts to restore the company and replace the lost East German markets. By 1976, the Hofbrauhaus Wolters brewery had already recovered so much that it was able to conduct a large-scale modernization. In those days she wore the proud title of the world's noiseless plant. In 2003, Hofbrauhaus Wolters becomes part of the InBev group, which in turn is a subsidiary of the Anheuser-Busch InBev corporation.

Producer's description

"Chernigov" - the first and only beer in Ukraine, which was held environmental certification according to ISO 14024 and received international certificate of the Center for Environmental certification and labeling NGO "Living Planet", which is recognized in 68 leading countries of the world and Europe.
This certificate confirms that ekopivo "Chernigov" gives natural taste clean and perfect products: hops and malt, the best drinking water. Ekopivo "Chernigov" created on cleaner production


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