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"WILDALP" Alpine Spring Water "Lady-Size" Still, PET, 250 ml

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Tasting Notes


Water has crystal-clear color.


Water different clean, light and fresh taste with a subtle sweet aftertaste.


Water does not have a pronounced flavor.


Water is used as a refreshing drink throughout the day. It is suitable for the preparation of baby food and cocktails, wonderfully combined with various, including delicious dishes. The water serves as a support of strong alcoholic drinks and light wines.

Interesting Facts

Born on the peaks of the Austrian Alps, crystal clear and fresh, the water saturated with oxygen WILDALP mountain, is one of the best spring water in the world. Before the appearance in the high source Seisenstein (Sayzenshtayn), which is located within the protected since 1956, nature reserve, water passes through the karst rocks, where it undergoes a gentle filtration of natural limestone Austrian Alps.

WILDALP - perfectly clean water is slightly alkaline with a natural level of pH 7,9. Due to the special physical and chemical properties and a low content of minerals, it is suitable for both adults and infants. Water helps digestion, cleanses the body, stimulates the redox processes and enzyme systems work. Reduced sodium content makes it particularly suitable for WILDALP compliance salt-free diets.

The water is bottled directly at the source. reverse osmosis method is used that maintains the original structure of natural spring water. Delicate, subtle, wonderfully refreshing water WILDALP gives beauty, health and vitality!

Producer's description

Stock Company Wildalpen Wasserverwertungs GmbH, founded in 1999, specializes in the bottling and sale of the biologically pure natural spring water from the Austrian mountain region Hochschwab. Bottled water WILDALP, well known in Europe for its premium quality, since 2002 began to conquer Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong). After 2 years the company has expanded assortment of water for noodles blends, purees and drinks for babies. In 2005, the brand WILDALP took 5th place in terms of exports to Korea.

The arrival in 2010 of a new shareholder and a successful businessman, David Steicke, pushed the company to further develop and expand the product line. For several years there was water WILDALP Lady in 0.25 liter bottle that easily fits in a purse and always at hand. WILDALP Junior - quenches thirst, supports vitality and health of children. WILDALP Fullmoon - water, bottled at full moon (available in limited quantities).

Wildalpen company intends not only to take a leading position in the national and international market, but also to excel in customer service, taking care of personal health and the health of their loved ones. The focus of the company is the people. Therefore Wildalpen continues to improve and develop new products of premium quality for demanding customers waiting to get natural spring water in its original pure form.


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In our store you can buy bottled water "WILDALP" Alpine Spring Water "Lady-Size" Still, PET, 250 ml, price "WILDALP" Alpine Spring Water "Lady-Size" Still, PET, 250 ml — $ 1. Producer bottled water Wildalpen Wasserverwertungs. Delivery "WILDALP" Alpine Spring Water "Lady-Size" Still, PET, 250 ml.

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