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Water "Volzhanka" Mineral Sparkling, PET, 1.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Water transparent color.


The taste of the water is soft, clean, fresh, with subtle hints of mineral.


Water is clean, slightly salty flavor.


The water can be drunk throughout the day, with food, for medicinal purposes.

Interesting Facts

Its characteristics water "Volzhanka" is a sparkling mineral sulfate-bicarbonate calcium-magnesium-medical-table water with a high content of organic substances and GOST R54316-2011 "natural mineral waters for drinking." Low salinity water (0.8-1.2 g / dm3) facilitates easier penetration into the body tissue without causing deposition of salts and organic biologically active components in its composition are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract. Trace elements that make up the mineral water "Volzhanka" normalize acid-base balance and improve the functioning of the digestive system (gall bladder, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract). Calcium is a mineral water absorbed in a greater amount than milk, which promotes the growth of bone and teeth. Mineral water "Volzhanka" improves the metabolism of proteins and fats, stimulates the excretion of salt, increase mineral metabolism, stimulate the intestinal microflora.

Mineral water "Volzhanka" will be useful for patients with diabetes. It is recommended to rinse the mouth in order to prevent the formation of plaque and tartar. You can use water and for cosmetic purposes, cubes of frozen water can be wiped his face. All minerals that are included in its composition, will help you for many years to preserve the beauty!

Producer's description

Undory mineral water in the formal research was first mentioned as a healing in 1820 in the work of Professor Kazan University VP Wagner AG Vladimir. Since 1960, on the basis of the rehabilitation department Undory local hospital conducted studies of mineral water, the results of which it has been shown and has been used successfully in the treatment of patients with various diseases of the digestive system, urinary tract and metabolism. In Undory it opened spa resort. Numerous modern studies confirm that the composition of mineral water Undory unique and unique and has no analogues in Russia.

History Undory mineral water factory began in 1967, when it was opened a small shop for the bottling of mineral water, which employs 10 people, and the performance was only 1.5 thousand bottles a year. Water "Volzhanka" quickly became popular and beloved, manufacturing expanded and by 1984, total annual increased to 12 million bottles a year. In 1986, were put into operation two lines for bottling of mineral water in glass bottles. Continuous modernization of equipment allows to implement the most advanced technology and launch innovative projects. Currently, the plant produces drinking and mineral water "Volzhanka" non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, kvass), juice drinks, specialty drinks on natural extracts (tarragon, milk thistle), water for children. For the high quality and usefulness of products Undory factory received numerous certificates and awards.


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