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Tasting Notes


Wine honey-gold color with patches of sunlight.


Perfectly balanced wine has a rich peach flavors joined by bright nuances of mango and other juicy yellow fruit.


The aroma of wine captured the nuances of ripe peach, grape, apricot and delicate flowers of acacia.


Wine perfectly combined with spicy dishes eastern forge, fish, white meat, grilled chicken.

Interesting Facts

Wine Viognier de Gai-Kodzor made ​​from rare Viognier grape variety, which is considered to be the birthplace of the Rhone Valley. This variety has almost disappeared from the face of the earth, when, not so long ago, winemakers in different parts of the globe began its restoration, because it is this variety is capable of giving an unusually fragrant wine, playing nuances of yellow fruit, orange blossom and acacia. Average age of the vines is 3 years. Yields of 60-80 quintals per hectare. Vinification took place in stainless steel tanks of 30 tons.

"Gaikodzor" in Russian means "Armenian gorge." This village is located 9 km south-east of the resort town of Anapa (Krasnodar region), near the mountains. Since 1908 this place was a settlement called Galkin slot (named after the tenant). After 1915 here began to move Armenian refugees from Trebizond, which further led to the renaming and villages covering. Today Gaikodzor famous for its beautiful vineyards ...

At the beginning of the millennium the owners of land Gaikodzor originated, at first glance, adventurous idea - to create quality, grand, great wines in Russia. With the support of experienced French winemakers like Alain Dugas (Alain Dugas) and Rabo Noel (Noel Rabot), director and oenologist Chateau La Nerthe, located in Chateauneuf-du-Pape in France, began to slowly, but surely the embodiment of his ideas. It is interesting that in this region winemaking craft flourished even when Anapa was called Gorgippia (more than 2000 years ago) and was village founded by the ancient Greeks. Advantages terroir is soil, as well as climatic conditions, temperature, amount of precipitation. Each of these parameters has been thoroughly studied by professionals in order to use this information for proper ripening of the grapes. Soil - rocky. Vineyards (8 sites) are fairly high in the mountains. At this point Gaikodzor started another ambitious project - the construction of the Chateau (Chateau Gai-Kodzor).

Not so long ago, it was decided to pour wine from Gaikodzor JSC "Aurora" - a farming corporation in the Krasnodar region, which is also closely linked to the French winemaking traditions in the face of such professionals as Frank Duseigneur (chief engineer and oenologist), Gael Bryulon (responsible for the quality of wine), Gilles Rey (consultant).


  • Color depth: bright
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 10-12°С
  • Website:
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