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Wine Vino Sorelli, "Autunno Caldo" Stile Anni Sessanta

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Tasting Notes


The wine is ruby ​​red in color.


The wine shows a wonderful balance of good acidity and moderate tannins. Its taste is full of expressive notes of dark berries and fruits.


In a restrained aroma of wine aromas are captured candied cherries and plums, interesting notes of red pepper and unripe almonds.


The wine perfectly complement the taste of poultry, red and white meat, pasta, pizza and hot snacks. It is recommended to serve with cheeses average maturity, sausages and various dishes of Tuscan cuisine.

Interesting Facts

In the 60s of the last century Italian wine is experiencing a major change. At this time, there were producers who, through the use of new technologies able to bring their wines to the international level. Today Italian wines are highly prized by connoisseurs and occupy leading positions in the world market.

Stile Anni Sessanta (The style of the sixties) - range of table wines for everyday consumption. It provides high-quality wine at an affordable price from various regions of Italy. The design of the label in the style of the 60s of the 20th century.

Vino Sorelli, "Autunno Caldo" Stile Anni Sessanta - easy-drinking, very gastronomichnoe dry table wine, the name of which translates as "hot autumn". It is produced from red grapes grown in the hills of Tuscany. Alcoholic fermentation is done in steel tanks at a constant temperature control. For excerpts "Autunno Caldo" used neutral capacity, which allows wine to preserve pure natural taste and aroma of the grapes.

Producer's description

Wine and wine trading company Vino Sorelli has existed for over 100 years. Its development and prosperity made possible by the hard work of four generations of family Corelli. The company was founded in the early 20th century Andzhiolo Sorel. Deciding to engage in trade with wine, he of his 15 sons chose his assistant Gesualdo. In the father and son were successful, which was largely based on the close and often friendly relations with the local winemakers.

In the early '60s, Roberto, son of Gesualdo, was able to predict the time a significant role in the emerging supermarket trade in alcoholic beverages. Thanks to his brilliant intuition of the company has managed for many years to become a major partner of almost all trading systems in the country, realizing its products through them.

Later Sorelli created their own grape production. For this purpose, the company has acquired more than 300 hectares of vineyards, located mainly in the area of ​​Chianti, in the same built and equipped with modern wineries.

Currently, the company Vino Sorelli addition Chianti area is represented in the most prestigious appellations of the region of Tuscany, such as Morellino di Scansano, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano. It also works with the wines of Sicily, Abruzzo and Umbria. Today, the production capacity of family businesses Sorell allow spilling about 10,000 bottles per hour. The release of several million bottles of wine a year, the company traditionally maintains close relations with its numerous suppliers, as well as helping small wineries to bring the products to the consumer.

Vino Sorelli focused mainly on the domestic market of Italy, where is one of the leading positions, but about 30% of its wines are sold outside the country.

Consumers appreciate the company's products for good quality wines and an affordable price.


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