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Wine Vincent Girardin, Bourgogne Pinot Noir "Cuvee Saint-Vincent", 2013

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Tasting Notes


The color of wine - maroon with purple hues.


On the palate the wine felt a little sweetness dominate tones of fresh fruit, cherries and raspberries. Aftertaste - fragrant and long, with light smoky notes.


The aroma of wine trapped light notes of ripe cherry, raspberry, cedar.


The wine is recommended to serve with grilled meat, vegetables, grilled, hot meats, cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Cuvee Saint-Vincent" Pinot Noir, 2011 - French wine chic maroon with a purple tint. For making wine using only one grape variety: Pinot Noir. Success weather conditions in 2011 and painstaking work of winemakers gave wine unique and inimitable characteristics. The aroma and taste of the drink rather complement each other. The dominant tone in the bouquet of ripe fruit, raspberry and cherry excite and dazzled.
Most of the Pinot Noir to create a "Cuvée Saint Vincent" collected in the vineyards in the Côte de Beaune appellasone and 1/3 part purchased from winegrowers in the regions of Pommard and waves. The secret of wine making is, in particular, that the harvested grapes added to the maturing wine. For aging wine were used stainless steel tanks (50%) and oak barrels.

Vincent Girardin is the 11th generation of the family Girardin, known for its stunning wines from the XVII century. Vincent Girardin and his wife Veronique, not permanently residing in the Côte d'Or, were able to create the name of your domain. Not so long ago, they founded negotsiantskuyu firm that does not purchase wine or must, but only high-quality grapes.
The success of wines Girardin largely depends on the conditions of their creation. Thus, the grape harvest is always going to hand and is double sorting directly in the assembly and in the winery. For the purity of the grape juice, preserving its aroma and flavor in the production Girardin used pneumatic presses with low pressure, allowing more gently pressing the berries, which gives less precipitation. For aging wines are only used oak barrels, and the filtration system is used only for white wines. Girardin wine in no way inferior to their predecessors: all white wines and aristocratic, pure and delicate, and the red - different depth, density and intense fruity taste.

All this allows talented Girardin impress a broad line of his works. Excellent value for money and quality of wines made him welcome in the restaurant world. Demand for wine Vincent Girardin is growing very fast, because it is truly successful, high-quality wines. The most important difference of this company - an amazing collection of wines from different appellasonov, including little-known. Wine category Grand and Premier Cru in quality comparable to the best wine merchant houses and domains of Burgundy.



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