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Wine Valpolicella Pagus DOC 2007


Tasting Notes


Wine rich ruby-red color.


The wine has a dry, elegant taste with spicy notes of ripe cherries and plums and a slight bitterness in the long finish.


The wine has a fruity aroma with notes of ripe red berries and almonds.


Wine is perfect for Mediterranean dishes, especially pasta and seasonal soups, appetizers and bruschetta supplied with natural olive oil, and goes well with ham, salami and cold pork.

Interesting Facts

Vineyard soil - clay and lime. The wine can be drunk now.


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In our store you can buy wine Valpolicella Pagus DOC 2007, price Valpolicella Pagus DOC 2007 — $ 10. Producer wine Corte Giara. Delivery Valpolicella Pagus DOC 2007.

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