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Tasting Notes


Wine red with pink tint.


The taste of wine is harmonious, elegant, with a predominance of the mineral (chalk) notok, perfectly balanced with fresh acidity and soft tannins.


In the bright, typical varietal aroma of wine felt notes of rose, cherry, cherry, white chocolate.


The wine goes well with meat snacks, hot meats, cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Manor Divnomorskoe" - range of wines premium, which is used in the production of grapes own company "Abrau Durso" grown near Gelendzhik on the outskirts of the village Divnomorskoe, near the Black Sea.

"Manor Divnomorskoe" Pinot Noir - red wine with a harmonious, fresh taste and rich aroma, which felt good typical varietal notes of Pinot Noir. The wine is excellent with meat hot meals and snacks, as well as cheeses. Each bottle of wine "Manor Divnomorskoe" Pinot Noir is numbered.

The success of Russian champagne house "Abrau Durso" was determined by several factors. Firstly, any production of wine begins with vineyards, and the beauty and richness of vines - with the terroir. Terroir, which is grown raw materials for wines "Abrau Durso" delicious, its richness in mineral elements and climatic features can be called unique. Secondly - a strong historical foundation, which guarantees the quality and workmanship of winemakers created by them drinks. History of the plant "Abrau Durso" has 140 years of work, experience and a real victory in winemaking. The third component of the House - a great technical equipment. In Russia, only "Abrau-Durso" is created and debugged a complete production cycle of great sparkling wines and champagnes. It is such a reliable base allows "Abrau Durso" go ahead, develop and stay the best!


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