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Cognac "Ukrainskij Otbornyj" V.V.S.O.P., 5 Stars, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


The cognac is of golden-amber color.


Cognac has a rich, balanced, rounded taste with a soft texture, shades of fruit, vanilla and oak.


In a harmonious, multifaceted cognac aroma, floral, fruity and vanilla notes are felt.


Cognac is recommended to be consumed in its pure form as a digestive or as part of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Cognacs of the trade mark "Ukrainian Select" - noble drinks of high quality at an affordable price. They are produced according to the classical technology of mature grapes, which are harvested on the sunny slopes of the Crimean valley. The long maturation of cognacs in old oak barrels gives the drinks wonderful organoleptic qualities: a multifaceted, harmonious aroma and a full, mild taste. According to the results of numerous tastings, the cognacs "Ukrainian Select" received a high consumer appraisal.
"Ukrainian Select" V.V.SO.P. - ordinary five-star cognac, spirits for the production of which are aged in oak barrels for at least five years.

Producer's description

Simferopol wine-cognac factory - one of the leading enterprises of the Crimea on the production of cognac, vodka and other alcoholic beverages. Environmentally friendly territory - the main principle of placing production facilities SVKZ. The first production factory complex was built in Soviet times, and in 2009 completely re-equipped with modern facilities. The second production facility was opened in 2014.

SVKZ - full cycle of the company, which is a guarantee of high quality products. The plant is carried out a thorough inspection of all stages of cognac production - from the collection and processing of grapes to bottling the drink is bottled.

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In our store you can buy cognac "Ukrainskij Otbornyj" V.V.S.O.P., 5 Stars, 0.5 L, price "Ukrainskij Otbornyj" V.V.S.O.P., 5 Stars, 0.5 L — $ 5. Producer cognac Simferopol Wine and Brandy Factory. Delivery "Ukrainskij Otbornyj" V.V.S.O.P., 5 Stars, 0.5 L.

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