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Beer Uerige, Sticke, 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer dark amber.


The taste of beer a rich, creamy, smooth, malty, full of hints of nuts, dark fruit, bread and nuances of licorice, raisins and chocolate. The finish is dry, with a hop bitterness.


The beer has a malty aroma with notes of bread, fruit, candy, nuts and herbs nuances.


Beer will make a good couple of meat dishes, cheeses, sausages.

Interesting Facts

Uerige, Sticke - style beer Altbier. The species differs from the classical Sticke Altbier lots of malt and hops in the recipe, as well as higher levels of alcohol. This beer is served in the beer pubs in Germany twice a year - on the third Tuesday of January and October. The name of the beer comes from the word "stickum" ("behind closed doors"). In earlier times, the ingredients for the manufacture of beer measured in buckets on the eyes. If the brewer made a mistake and took too generous amount of malt, he also had to add an extra dose of hops to balance, which means the beer will be more rich and saturated. If happened that way, the news of this secretly distributed to particularly close behind closed doors.

Producer's description

Uerige - an old brewery, located in the heart of Düsseldorf, a building dating back to the 1600 year. In 1862, the owner of the building became a hotel owner and brewmaster Wilhelm Kurten nicknamed "Uerige Willem" ("Wilhelm grumpy"), which is almost never left the house, except for Sunday trips to church. On the ground floor of the building he founded the brewery, where they cooked a great ale. In 1886, Max, the son of William, led the brewery and its significantly upgraded by installing cooling machines and brewery boiler heater. Max died in November 1902, in the following years the brewery changed hands several times until in 1937 fell into the hands of Rudolf Arnold, formerly the director of a brewery in Koblenz. Rudy ran a brewery Uerige 40 years and firmly followed the established traditions of brewing. In 1976, the owners began Uerige Krista and Josef Schnitzler. Joseph came from a famous family of brewers and was "the crown prince" brewery "Schumacher".

From 1999 to the present day Uerige controls son of Joseph - Michael, which greatly expanded the area of the brewery (1300 sq. M), significantly modernized it and made ​​completely transparent, installing large glass walls and windows, so that everyone could watch the brewing process.


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