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Whisky "Tullibardine" Banyuls Finish, in tube, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey rich amber color.


Whiskey has a deep and rich flavor with hints of wild berries and spices. Aftertaste of whiskey - a long and bright, with hints of raspberry, black currant and chocolate milk.


Bright aroma of whiskey filled with notes of rose, creamy butterscotch and oriental sweets, light and earthy mushroom shades.


Whiskey goes well with light desserts, it can be served as a digestif with or without water.

Interesting Facts

"Tullibardine" Banyuls Finish - is a stunning whiskey cask of red wine under the "Galeteo" producer Coume del Mas , from Banyuls region in the south of France. Unlike most of the Scottish distillery, producer Tullibardin indicates not just sort of wine in barrels from under which the whiskey is aged, but also the region where the wine was produced. After distilling whiskey "Tullibardine" Banyuls Finish matures in oak barrels for 36 months. Due to the fact that whiskey does not go cold filtration before bottling the drink retains its rich taste, sweet and deep flavor and attractive amber color.

Tullibardine factory is located in the village of Blackford in Perthshire. It was renovated from an old brewery in Scotland, built in the XII century, and supply beer to the royal court. In 1947 valliyets William Delme Evans bought a defunct brewery, and in 1949 they released their first temples. Old factory had a very convenient location - next to it flowed a spring with crystal clear water from the hills Ochayl, which is now used in the manufacture of whiskey Tullibardine. Throughout its history, the plant changed owners several times and even been preserved from 1995 to 2003. In June 2003, Tullibardine was purchased together with the existing stock of whiskey warehouses Tullibardin. In December 2003, the plant again, after nine years of silence, launched boilers. During the re-commissioning process, care was taken to maintain the old, traditional methods of production. Thus on the new equipment of the plant, increased number of distillation cubes from two to four. Today, the plant's capacity is 2.5 million liters of alcohol per year.

Producer's description

History of Scottish whiskey producer Tullibardine began in 1949, when William J. Evans opened a distillery in Blackford county (Perthshire) and called it "Tullibardin" that Gaelic means "wooded hill". In this area are located the sources of a unique water that is naturally filtered through the red sandstone and basalt hills Ohlz. Water from Blackford is considered ideal for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. Beer, cooked in this water has been specially commissioned by King James IV, who in 1488 stood in Blackford before the ceremony of coronation.

Four years after the launch distillery it was resold Brodie Hepburn. Over the next decades, the production of whiskey "Tullibardin" gradually expanded and increase the volume of production. In 2011, the distillery has become a family business for a long time engaged in manufacturing of traditional Scotch whiskey. The production process has undergone significant modernization. It was opened for tourists, we began to conduct tours with Tullibardine employees.
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