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Wine Trapiche, "Broquel" Chardonnay, 2009

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Tasting Notes


Straw yellow with golden highlights.


Taste wine - rich, fresh, balanced, with fruity notes and a soft, lingering aftertaste.


Elegant aroma of the wine is filled with tones of green apples, honey and cinnamon.


Wine blends perfectly with seafood, fish, white meat and pasta. Also, the wine can be served with seasonal fruit and white cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Elegant dry white wine "Broquel" Chardonnay is a line of six monosortovyh white and red wines "Broquel", represented the best terroirs winery Trapiche. These wines reveal and highlight the exceptional quality of the grapes from which they are created, causing an indispensable desire to taste the wine taste. They have been praised and widely recognized by consumers due to the ideal balance between "money" and also won a number of awards at international competitions in Japan, the United Kingdom and Argentina.

For the production of wine "Brokel" Chardonnay Chardonnay grapes used, assembled by hand in their own vineyards economy Trapiche, located in the foothills of the Andes in the harsh region of Mendoza. Alpine location of vineyards (more than 2,500 feet above sea level), as well as advanced age of vines (over 25 years) have created the conditions under which the berries reach their maximum ripeness with virtually no interference winegrowers. Sudden changes in daily temperatures promotes a long, slow ripening period, providing a balance of sugar and acidity in the grapes. A dry air of the mountain slopes favorable effect on the vines, has protected them from diseases. Since vineyards grow in areas with low rainfall, engineers Trapiche was created a unique irrigation system that uses natural melt water from the mountains without disrupting the balance of nature.
Ripened grapes are harvested by hand and delivered to the winery in small plastic boxes to avoid damage to the berries. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes are sorted, destebliruyut and cooled to 12 ° C. Then, grapes are pressed and produce fermentation for 20-25 days. Excerpt wine is 9 months and takes place in new French and American oak barrels. Through this approach, the wine a distinctive fruit and spicy aroma and well balanced silky taste. Before bottling the wine necessarily filtered.

Trapiche winery is the personification of the richness and diversity of wine in Argentina. Throughout its long history, it specializes in creating unique pieces, in order to get a really top-notch and delightful wine. Investing heavily invested in the development of production, the company pays due attention to the latest advances in winemaking technology and equipment, ensuring customers a high standard of quality and excellence. On this basis, the planters companies are experimenting with Bio-dynamics based on biological and ecological agricultural practices. This approach supports all that is natural in nature, and prohibits the use of chemicals and other products, in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, to achieve bio-diversity and the recovery of activity of bacteria in soils. The only fertilizer that allows Bio-dynamics, it is plant and animal waste from bio-dynamic farm.

Winery Trapiche - is the leading exporter of premium Argentine wines. It was founded by an Argentine politician and businessman Tiburcio Benegas in 1883 as a small winery "El Trapiche", whose territory is occupied only 6.5 hectares. Today farm owned investment company "Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette". In 2004 and 2008, the competition "International Wine and Spirit Competition" Trapiche farm was recognized "Manufacturer of the Year" ("Argentinian wine producer of the year"). For several years (2007-2009) Pair awarded nomination "Hot Brand" by the magazine Impact Magazine's. Trapiche wines constantly awarded the nomination "Value Brands of the Year" from the "Wine & Spirits Magazine".


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