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Tasting Notes


Whisky golden brown.


Taste harmonious whiskey, it combines notes of cotton candy, and birch sap, their sweetness is balanced by a delicate shade of peat smoke, Christmas pudding and land. In a warming aftertaste clearly audible notes of chili pepper, dark chocolate, spices and fruit.


The aroma of whiskey is very rich, filled with notes of toffee, apple, vanilla and honey, which is harmoniously complemented with light hints of chilli, lemon syrup and smoked.


Whisky is perfect in its pure form as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

"Cu Bocan" Limited Edition presents a series of Tomatin whiskey matured in different types of barrels. Exclusive limited edition version was released in July 2005 in the amount of only 6000 bottles. Aged in barrels of bourbon, this single malt, slightly peaty whiskey shows a rich, full-bodied taste with hints of smoke, creamy texture and gentle echoes of citrus fruits.

Tomatin extends the range of vintages. This release complements the collection, which already represented vintages 1989 (2014), releases Virgin Oak, Sherry and Bourbon (2015) and 1988 (2016). Alcohols for "Cu Bocan" Limited Edition is aged in barrels of bourbon and sherry. Whisky bottled at 50% ABV fortress in the amount of 11,400 bottles.

Beautiful mystical legend of Cu Bocan (or "ghost dog") formed the basis of a series of peat malt Scotch whiskeys from distilleries Tomatin. For centuries, the inhabitants of a remote village, where now is located Tomatin Distillery, haunted horrible ghost dog. She has appeared once a year, always fear catching up on the local population. One day, a distillery worker returning later saw a terrible black dog with bared teeth, of which the nostrils pulled out steam. Petrified with fear, in terror before putting a trembling hand, he prepared to take the terrible attack of the beast. At the time when the dog rushed at him, the man closed his hands around her throat, feeling the thick skin and expecting the worst. Suddenly she turned into a black cloud of smoke, and the man was in the middle of the peat bogs in the dead silence. In memory of this once a year peaty malt is distilled from which the beautiful smoky peat drink. They fill the bottles at the bottom of which is embossed in large letters "Cu Bocan", and on the tube from the top - "Tomatin". It symbolizes the death of the ancient monsters, buried in peat bogs and defeated man.

Tomatin Distillery was built in 1897 in the mountains Monadhliath, just south of Inverness, Highlands of Scotland's capital. Tomatin is one of the highest distilleries in Scotland, because it is located at an altitude of 315 meters above sea level. Soft and clean water of the river Alt-na-Frith, which flows through Monadhliath mountains, helps to create a whiskey with a delicate taste, rich and soft style.
Tomatin is among the ten best distilleries in Scotland. Today the plant produces 2 million liters of alcohol a year, while the production capacity to produce 12 million liters, as it was in the 70s of XX century. Historically Tomatin was producing malt for companies that are engaged in the manufacture of whiskey blends, but now the company is focused on creating high-quality single malt whiskey. The product range consists of 12, 18, 25, 30 and 40-year-old whiskey and some numbered vintages. Tomatin is one of the few factories in Scotland, which have retained their cooperage.


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