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"The World of Beatrix Potter" Dark Chocolate, 300 g

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Tasting Notes


Chocolate is rich dark brown.


A rich classical taste of dark chocolate in the aftertaste leaves a pleasant tartness and spicy bitterness.


The pleasant aroma of chocolate filled with tones of ground cocoa beans and vanilla.


Dark chocolate blends wonderfully with fragrant tea, coffee and cappuccino. Delicacy can offer to accompany cognac or armagnac, port, red, dry and sweet wines.

Interesting Facts

In many countries, a well-known and loved delicacies variety series "The World of Beatrix Potter". Among the large variety of delicious sweets can be found wafer rolls, cookies, candy, lollipops, chocolate and chocolate candies, nuts and fruits in chocolate and other confectionery products. The range of "World of Beatrix Potter" is devoted to the work of Helen Beatrix Potter - the famous English children's writer and artist.

Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) wrote a number of children and adults favorite fairy tales, which are now read in 35 languages. The protagonists of her exciting stories are common in rural areas of England small little animals. A talented artist, Beatrix personally create colorful illustrations to his works. Fragments of her work can be seen on the packaging of sweets "The World of Beatrix Potter", which are available in several EU countries.

"The World of Beatrix Potter" Dark Chocolate - the classic German dark chocolate. The box contains 24 colorful mini chocolate in a personalized wrapper. This tasty treat not only brings fun and uplifting, but also beneficial to health.
We suggest to try the dark chocolate "World of Beatrix Potter" paired with a cup of freshly brewed coffee with cinnamon.

Net Weight: 300 grams.

Producer's description

The history of today's companies Eichetti Confect Spezialitaten, specializing in the production of various types of sweets, began September 20, 1897. That same day, Adam in the commune of Eichelmann Werneck (Lower Franconia, Germany) founded his company for the production of pasta, and, later, an effervescent powder. The stormy history of the country, survived two world wars, affected the development of the company, which in the period from 1900 to 1962 experienced ups and downs. However, thanks to the efforts of family Eichelmann their business continued to grow gradually: increased production area, was put into operation a new plant in Würzburg, expanded the product range. So in 1927 launched production of ice-cream cake "Eichelmann-Eistörtchen", which won immense popularity among various segments of the population, a few decades became one of the main products of the company, along with pasta and effervescent powders.

Once in 1962, Anna Eichelmann left the company, it was transformed into a limited liability partnership. Under the leadership of Hans-Erich Weigel - Managing Director and shareholder, the company modernized and quickly reoriented to produce confectionery products, which are successfully sold in Europe and beyond. Two years later there was another expansion of production through the construction of a new plant, and in 1990 in the industrial zone Werneck opened an ultra-modern production with warehouses for storage of chilled products.

The 100th anniversary Eichetti Confect Spezialitaten in the management of the company there was a change of generations. In place of Hans-Erich Weigel came Partners Christian Weigel and Günther Kraus. Under their control they have been successfully developed and put into production new types of products, which were marked by awards prestigious international exhibitions. For the friendly team Eichetti customer recognition is a reward and incentive at the same time. Management believes that the success of many years of work is the careful selection of ingredients, delicious recipes and the harmonious combination of traditional craftsmanship with highly confectioners modern methods of production.

All products Eichetti regularly being certified in accordance with international standards, guaranteeing high quality of manufactured goods.


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