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"The World of Beatrix Potter" Dark Chocolate, 60% cocoa, 55 g

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Tasting Notes


Chocolate is rich brown.


Chocolate inherent slightly tart, bitter-sweet taste with subtle fruity notes.


The sensual aroma of chocolate contains cocoa expressive tone.


Most chocolate harmoniously combined with the green and black tea. It can offer a coffee or cappuccino and a brandy (armagnac), port wine, dry red wines and dessert wines of Marsala and Orange Muscat.

Interesting Facts

In many countries, a well-known and loved delicacies variety series "The World of Beatrix Potter". Among the large variety of delicious sweets can be found wafer rolls, cookies, candy, lollipops, chocolate and chocolate candies, nuts and fruits in chocolate and other confectionery products. The range of "World of Beatrix Potter" is devoted to the work of Helen Beatrix Potter - the famous English children's writer and artist.

Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) wrote a number of children and adults favorite fairy tales, which are now read in 35 languages. The protagonists of her exciting stories are common in rural areas of England small little animals. A talented artist, Beatrix personally create colorful illustrations to his works. Fragments of her work can be seen on the packaging of sweets "The World of Beatrix Potter", which are available in several EU countries.

"The World of Beatrix Potter" Dark Chocolate (60% cocoa) - natural dark premium chocolate from Germany. This delicious chocolate is made from selected cocoa beans collected from eco-friendly plantations of Peru, located in the headwaters of the Amazon. Dark chocolate "World of Beatrix Potter" is not only tasty and good for health, but also is able to cheer up a colorful view of one of its original packaging.

Net Weight: 55 grams.

Producer's description

The founder of the family business was Wilhelm Rausch Rausch - chef and a wonderful master for the production of chocolate and biscuits, to open his own pastry shop in 1890 in Velbert (Germany).

In 1918, which is considered the founding year of the company Rausch Schokoladen (Rausch chocolate), his son William Roush Jr. and opened his business, but in Berlin. Honey cakes and chocolate products under the brand Rausch townspeople enjoyed tremendous success. After some time, the family Rausch in the German capital owned eight stores, which daily supply fresh and delicious bakery products. After the death of Wilhelm's family business continued his three children headed by Gerhard Rausch, who led the company since 1952.

Since 1971, Rausch Schokoladen starts Juergen Rausch, son of Gerhard. After 10 years Jurgen succeeded his father as managing director. Over 30 years, he remains head of successfully developing company. With him in Peine it built a new plant for the production of Rausch chocolate and a museum branded chocolate products. In 1999 the company Rausch, together with the well-known family chocolatier Fassbender opened in Berlin chic chocolate restaurant, its menu, visitors can find exclusive treats for every taste. Aiming to create the world's best chocolate, Juergen Rausch helped develop Rausch Plantagen-Schocolade - premium chocolate, which is made from selected cocoa beans grown on the best plantations in the world.

The company paid great attention to product quality. Raw material for the manufacture of chocolate is carefully monitored and purchased directly from the farmers, which experts Rausch Schokoladen cooperate closely. As is the case with a good wine, delicate aroma of cocoa it depends on the location of the plantations of trees and growing conditions. Therefore, among the products sold under the brand Rausch, you can find goodies from chocolate with a unique aroma and taste.


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In our store you can buy chocolate "The World of Beatrix Potter" Dark Chocolate, 60% cocoa, 55 g, price "The World of Beatrix Potter" Dark Chocolate, 60% cocoa, 55 g — $ 4. Producer chocolate Rausch Schokoladen. Delivery "The World of Beatrix Potter" Dark Chocolate, 60% cocoa, 55 g.

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