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Wine Teleda, Saperavi, 2013

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Tasting Notes


The wine is very dark, almost black ruby ​​color.


This elegant wine shows typical power Saperavi. The wine has a mild flavor with a smooth texture, well balanced acidity, notes of fresh berries and cherry jam. Long finish decorated with warm, rounded tannins.


Intense aroma of wine is woven from the notes of sour cherry, black currant and plum, accented with soft shades of damp earth, chocolate, coffee and brown spice.


The wine goes well with the Georgian dishes, roasted red meat, barbecue, meat, grilled, and mature cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Dry red wine Teleda, Saperavi is made ​​of ancient Georgian method in large clay jars, lined with beeswax and dug into the ground. These pitchers are called kvevri. Pitcher filled with new wine or grape must (depending on the phase of the wine), close the lid, the slit smeared with clay, and almost sealed container buried in the ground by the neck in special cellars - Marani. Kvevri can reach two meters high and a meter wide, Vmeschaya up to 9000 liters of wine. Due to the long aging in virtually airless environment, the wine gets softness, pronounced structure of the body and an amazing storage capacity - more than 50 years.

Wine Saperavi 2013 created from the harvest from old vines, whose age is 50 years. A well-developed root system reaches the deep layers of the soil, rich in minerals. Grapes are harvested by hand in villages Kurdgelauri and Tsinandali Telavi district, located on the right bank of the river Alazani. Soils of vineyards - alluvial, with a remarkable balance between its constituent components: clay, gravel, sand, limestone and minerals of the ancient sea. The climate in the Alazan valley - a mild, dry, with cool nights and a good warm sunshine days. Productivity is maintained at 1.5 kg each vine that produces highly concentrated fruit with a unique flavor palette. Grapes are sorted and whole bunches of leaves under the press. The wine is fermented in kvevri for 3-4 weeks, then removed from the sludge. Exposure of new wine is held in kveri or old oak barrels. Selecting the capacity to mature depends on the character of the young wines. After aging the wine is put in steel tankers for natural stabilization. Before bottling the wine is not filtered. Vintage 2013 is recommended to use immediately or keep in the cellar for 5-10 years.

Producer's description

Georgia - a country with an ancient tradition of wine-making culture, and, according to some experts, is the ancestor of the art of winemaking. This hypothesis suggests archaeological earthenware jugs with fossils of grape seed, whose age is 8000 years. Teleda - small family winery specializing in the development of small batches of wine for the ancient Georgian technology. Teledom - a relatively new winery, which now leads the young master Temuri Dakishvili - a rising star of Georgian wine successfully mastering a new niche. Temuri is the fourth generation of winemakers Dakishvili. His father, a well-established case transferred into the hands of his son works as a wine consultant at a nearby winery.

Teledom Vineyard, named Vita Vinea, located close to the production hall. An area of ​​2.5 hectares planted with vines of the autochthonous grape varieties - Rkatsiteli, Kishi, Mtsvane and Saperavi. The winery produces wines so-called "kvernogo" type, which are fermented and aged in kveri over several months to 5 years. Kveri is a huge earthen pot without handles, which is buried in the ground in the wine cellars. Pitcher, surrounded by the cool earth, good job maintaining the required low temperature and protects against pests. Before you remove the finish fermenting wine is a must, because burned kveri accumulated carbon dioxide. For this ignited piece of cardboard folded in half and gently introduced into the open jar. Then kveri the ladder down and the employee must manually draw it out several times. Wine wort 3-5 passes through the press. The result is a wine and pressed pellet, which resembles a large, dry cake, which later will go to production Chachi. Pitchers are thoroughly cleaned with a solution of lime or sulfur, and the wine is returned to them for endurance and natural lightening. Wines aged in a way become a complex, well-developed body and multilayered aroma with fruit and spicy notes. The wines born in kveri winery Teledom, capable of bottling more than 50 years.


  • Color depth: dark
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 16-18°C
  • Aging potential: 50 years
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