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Cognac Tavria, "Georgievsky Cavaler" XO, in tube, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac has the amber-copper color.


The taste of cognac - pleasant, velvety, with subtle nuances of citrus and green apple tones. Nuances of honey and mustard shade good fruit-based, and the aftertaste is marked by hints of spice and barberry.


In brandy long, evolving fragrance, woven from a combination of floral notes, accents licorice, vanilla and wild honey.


Cognac is magnificent in its pure form as a drink to relax. Serve it as a digestif, if desired, adding coffee or a good cigar.

Interesting Facts

"George Knight" CW - vintage cognac, created from high-quality cognac. Grapes are grown for their production in the territory of the ancient brand and absorbed all the generosity of Ukrainian sun and a wealth of fertile land. His name shall brandy legend of St. George, which is one of the most venerated saints of the Christians. That he is considered the patron of knights, and the title of "Knight of St. George" is usually awarded to strong-willed and courageous men. The creators of cognac "George Knight" XO is positioned and the consumer - the brave and valiant knights of modernity, creating a drink to match their real man's character. "Male" style brandy highlights its exposure - not less than eight years in a century-old oak barrels. As a true gentleman, this cognac has an elegant appearance, the bottle design emphasizes the conciseness and rigor of the drink and its velvety aroma and slightly spicy taste pleasantly surprised harmonic consonance and noble style.

The products of "St. George" produced one of the largest Ukrainian enterprises - House of vintage cognacs "Tavria". Brand slogan: "For a strong spirit" philosophy emphasizes the brand focused on the male audience. Products brand "St George" differs consistently high quality, meets the highest rated companies. Keeping the tradition of production and strict compliance processes, TM "St. George" confidently occupies a niche in the market for goods and confidently Ukraine cooperates with foreign suppliers.

Producer's description

At the origins of brandy produced today under the brand name "Tavria" are Swiss colonists who in 1889 laid the village in the Kherson region basis. Today, on this very spot a House of vintage cognacs "Tavria". Hereditary winemakers Louis Gehlera, Julia Meyer and Jean Zhatona the Russian Empire called the Emperor Alexander I, who to trust them with the development of winemaking in the Lower Dnieper sands. With this begins the story of the company, which has become an example of how an irresistible desire and will to win can overcome any obstacle, even in unfamiliar conditions to establish production, who later became successful and famous. Unique soil and favorable climate in the region have created good conditions for the cultivation of vines of different varieties from which the fine wines and brandies. It is noteworthy that the vineyards economy "Tavria" are on the same latitude, which is the famous province Charentes (France), considered the birthplace of cognac. Ukrainian city of New Kakhovka is on the 46th parallel - the same one on which the French town of Cognac. So, no accident Ukrainian brandy production bases were laid here.

Today House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" - a successful enterprise for the right to occupy a leading position in the ranking of manufacturers of branded wines and cognacs in Ukraine. The company's products takes at least a third of the market in the country and is actively exported abroad. "Tavria" - the manufacturer of a full cycle, ie each phase of cognac - from the cultivation of vines to excerpts - is carried out on the same enterprise under the relentless supervision of highly qualified specialists. Production house "Tavria" regularly takes part in competitions and exhibitions of different levels and in the period from 1970 to 2012 was able to win 112 gold, 94 silver and 38 bronze medals, as well as 9-winning Grand Prix.


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